Use MBaaS Platform To Meet Your Mobility First Needs

Mobile Backend As A Service

Various services such as app testing to back end management, aiming to help app developers have flourished due to the revolutionary growth in the Mobile app market. The productiveness of these services is rated from a broader view. In fact, services like cloud backend management as a service do add value to developers.

What is MBaaS?

It is a specific solution providing pre-built APIs, custom SDKs, cloud hosted components for developing the mobile app backend. It’s high scalability and innovation allows storing and linking the applications to a backend cloud infrastructure with feature rich in cloud-based storage for mobile data, data synchronization, push-notification support, user/security management and file-handling.

MBaaS platforms are also distinct from mobile enterprise application platforms (MEAPs) like Sybase’s Unified Platform and IBM Worklight, which tend to be traditional multi-layer software stacks that include backend components, middleware and client components instead of a cloud-based service.

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