Use of Mobile Apps For Hotel Reservation Systems

Mobile Apps For Hotel Reservation Systems

Due to the increased security of modern application products for mobile devices, tablets, smartphones, or iPhones, an indispensable mobile booking application, is on the market, accelerating online booking. The web-based application meets the growing need for travel. Moreover, it is user-friendly; needing no special technical skills to install or run it and its simplicity guarantees its success as an online booking tool. Intuitive mobile apps help develop a complete reservation system for hotels and restaurants across the world. Mobile technology will increasingly be the core of consumer-brand interaction and offers excess opportunities for customization, communication, promotion, and loyalty. Possessing a mobile app broadcasts it is a superior hotel with contemporary services. In the last few years, hotels have leaped into mobile app mode for many reasons.

Advantages of Mobile App for Hotel Reservation Systems. Hotels can:

Mobile App offers Hotel Guests the following essential features and information at their disposal.


28% of travelers have checked in to a restaurant, hotel, or attraction using their mobile device while on a trip, according to TripAdvisor. 40% of Americans use apps to book travel. That’s great. Intercontinental have encountered a rise in profits through their app from 1M to 10M a month. It was admitted by an executive from an online travel agency that in Q4 hotel bookings on the same day of the stay through its websites and mobile was its most popular day in the U.S., making up to 15% of bookings. As per the graph below, internet users will increase to 3.60 billion in 2018.

2014 Expedia/Egencia Mobile Index Report

86% of business travelers categorize complimentary wifi as very or somewhat important when booking a hotel for business travel. According to John Morrey, VP, and general manager of Expedia.com, people using mobiles for bookings may be offered exclusive deals by the travel vendors which helps saving anywhere from 20% to 40%.

2015 Predictions

Mobile will be rated as a fifth of online travel bookings by 2015. The UK is predicted to stand at 21% by 2015, with Italy at 20%, France and Germany with 18%, and Spain and Scandinavia as a whole expecting some 17% of bookings via mobiles. Total online bookings will reach a perpetual high of 47% . PhoCusWright estimates that by 2015, mobile will account for one-quarter of U.S. online travel sales, steering $US40 billion in revenue. In Europe, mobile will contribute to one-fifth of bookings by 2015.

UK Report of mobile app users for hotel bookings

One out of 5 customers will book hotel via mobile in Europe within a year, with the UK ranking the top as the most device-happy country.

Marketing Techniques for Hotel Mobile App


Mobile has revolutionized user experience, and in 2015 hotel reservation systems will be more widespread in the hotel industry. We expect the number of mobile bookings to grow exponentially as we head into another year of digital and social travel planning, with travelers of all ages becoming more comfortable using mobile devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Hotel Reservation System?
A hotel reservation system refers to a software application that enables the guests to make direct bookings with the hotel online. This system does not require the involvement of intermediaries.
What Features an Online Hotel Reservation System should have?
A hotel reservation system has several features that make the entire process seamless for people. Some of them include a robust reporting system, online reservation system, review management, online payment integration, languages and currencies, central reservation system, and many more.
What is the Significance of the Hotel Reservation System?
The hotel reservation system makes the whole process seamless for guests and the hotel as well. It has great importance and adds considerable value to your business through a simple booking platform. The significance of a hotel reservation system includes the growing visibility of your business, manual updates are not required, 24*7 booking acceptance, and guests taking complete control of their stay.
How Central Reservation System can help Hotel to attract customers to their Website?
Central Reservation System has several features that let businesses easily track all their reservations. It also offers several other features to the guests to make their onboarding and checkout processes easy. Furthermore, the central reservation system reduces the chances of getting a booking cancelled. It also helps track the special needs of consumers.
What Is Meant By “Direct Hotel Reservation”?
Direct hotel reservation refers to a process in which hotels receive bookings directly from the guests. This process doesn’t involve any OTA or intermediary. Such reservations are usually made on the hotel’s website, over the phone or email, or even through the sales team.
What are the Major Key Performance Indicators In Hotel Industry?
Some of the major key performance indicators in the hotel industry are the average length of stay, average daily rate, market penetration index, revenue per available room, online reviews, occupancy rate, etc.
How do I build a Hotel Booking App?
If you are looking to get a hotel app developed, contact an experienced mobile app development company. They will bring years of industry experience to the table and will help you get an app built with the best features integrated into it.

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