Healthcare IT Solutions for Patient Engagement

Healthcare IT Solutions for Patient Engagement

With telemedicine and e-prescription services showing unprecedented growth in the global market, healthcare IT solutions are gradually moving to the top of the list of the most popular and useful industry IT software tools. According to Global Market Insights, the healthcare software as a service market, for the year 2021, was valued at more than US $ 30 billion. Furthermore, the industry is likely to show immense growth at over 18.5% CAGR between 2022 and 2030.

Here, in this specific short guide, we will discuss how patient engagement software works and what are the benefits of such niche healthcare IT solutions when customized to specific hospital or clinic needs.

What is patient engagement?

As the term suggests, patient engagement means acquiring patients and retaining them by providing them not only the best treatments but also overall non-medical care. For instance, providing patients with automated online appointment booking, reminders for appointments and medicine dosages, and follow-ups would make them feel delighted and personally happy. Patients would interact with software tools and indirectly their healthcare providers.

Patient engagement software serves as the best healthcare IT solution for corporate hospitals and individual health practitioners. Patient’s active involvement shall not only help doctors know their customers’ health statistics and conditions but will also bring more leads because advanced software for patient engagement can be customized to provide analytics and business insights.

What is patient engagement software in healthcare IT solutions?

Healthcare IT solutions is a bigger term that applies to all the software tools that help in managing healthcare setups such as private and government clinics and hospitals, pathology laboratories, diagnostic centers, fitness and rehabilitation centers, and the like. Patient engagement software is nothing but a customization of healthcare IT solutions specifically focused on patient acquisition through various facilities and features.

Patient engagement software solutions help healthcare providers connect with their patients and manage their health with ease through technological tools. Since patient management IT solutions are available on all sizes and types of devices, it is easier for doctors and paramedical staff to view, monitor, and share patient-related information securely.

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The psychology behind patient engagement

Healthcare is a noble profession wherein patients are not just treated but also cared for. While they are already in pain with diseases and symptoms, non-medical hassles such as appointment bookings, missing medicine dosages, commuting frequently to labs and clinics, and managing reports to monitor health statistics simply add troubles. This will make them more ill mentally and physically.

Features of patient engagement software solutions

Healthcare software solutions are of several types and such tools can be further customized to specific business needs or project scopes. When it comes to patient engagement software solutions, a healthcare IT company would focus on making a tool that primarily focuses on providing the best features to patients. The patient-centric tool will have facilities that engage patients in various ways such as chatting with their doctors, following diet regimens, responding to reminders for appointments and medicine dosages, and the like.

Here are some of the features you must know and have in your patient engagement software tool:

Business benefits of patient engagement software

The healthcare IT solutions customized for patient engagement can do wonders for the medical setup owners. While individual medical practitioners can simplify their appointment scheduling for their patients, larger healthcare setups such as corporate hospitals and chains of healthcare centers can manage internal and external operations of all kinds with ease and from a single platform.

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Here are some of the noteworthy business benefits of patient engagement software:

Reduced patient no-shows

One of the major concerns for medical practitioners for years is no-show patients. With the help of patient engagement software tools, healthcare providers can assure that patients are reminded of their due appointments. Furthermore, customized solutions can also have a live chat with the patients and ask their concerns about no-shows.

Improved productivity

With healthcare IT solutions at the helm, medical providers can utilize the best of patient management and engagement features. From appointment scheduling to prescription assistance and follow-up to patient education – everything is managed through a software tool with minimum or no human intervention. As a result, there is a marked increase in productivity along with pace.

Increased revenue

Software for patient engagement and acquisition can be customized and have various features and facilities to market medical services and products across the Internet. With features such as appointment reminders, the flow of patients increases at the healthcare setup and hence it drives higher revenues. Also, with quick and 24/7 appointment booking availability, it can shoot revenues with more patients walking into the hospitals and clinics.

Better reach

With the help of customization in healthcare IT solutions, medical practitioners can reach a wider customer base. Many patient engagement software tools come with in-built analytics and marketing features using which healthcare setup owners can strategically plan and execute marketing campaigns through educating patients. This way, they can have more reach to needy patients and can increase their revenues.

Accuracy in treatment

Healthcare IT solutions can integrate other APIs or third-party tools for augmented functionalities in assisting healthcare providers in treating patients with accuracy. For instance, medical software can have HIPAA, DICOM, and HL7 compliances to make the treatments of patients more accurate and secure. In addition, patient engagement software can also have audio-visual medical education to make patients understand their conditions and treatments better.

The role of a healthcare software development company

WeblineGlobal is a renowned software development company in the US with its offshore development hub in India. You can discuss your business idea with us to initiate a result-oriented healthcare software development customized to the specific scopes of the project. Whether you want to build a simple single-page digital product for your clinic or want to build a comprehensive patient engagement software tool for your chain of clinics or corporate hospitals, we provide you with bespoke healthcare IT solutions that are not just affordable but also quality.

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