What’s the future of the Internet of Things (IoT)?


How many objects do you have connected to the Internet? About a decade ago, you probably would have said 1 or 2 if you had already adopted smart phones. Today, we’ve got work computer, smart phone, tablets, media player, a smart refrigerator, and a smart TV.

When you extend this trend outward, what do you get? It is estimated that by 2020, 50 Billion objects will be connected to the internet. It is also estimated that 7.6 Billion people will be alive at that time, So, that means that for every person, there will be 6.6 objects connected to the internet.

We’re talking about a world blanketed with billions of sensors. These sensors take information from real physical objects that are seen in the world around us and upload it to internet. It’s a connected world where your environment transforms as you walk through it. Internet of Things is a technology that you may not even be aware of. It monitors your every move. It’s a world that is constantly changing all around us due to sensors and the internet.

Let’s stroll in to the living room of the future. Now, immediately room identifies you and taps into cloud based profile of preferences like climate control, lighting, music, and décor. Had a long, tiring day at work? The room knows that based on the counter app on your phone and biosensors that detect stress by a blood pressure and heart rate. So, it turns off the rock music you usually listen to and switches to a soothing and calming music.

The sensors may also know that it was snowing outside. So, the climate control begins to give out heat as you walk in to keep the environment warmer.

Now, on the software side, we’re talking about algorithms that are too sophisticated. They may be able to predict what you want. So, when you walk to the refrigerator, it tells you what’s there inside it. It also provides suggestions about what you can make using the ingredients present inside it. It helps you with a few meals suggestions depending on your taste, mood, and activity level.

Men and women who are on a strict diet plan will be notified about if they pick the wrong food items from the fridge. Weight watchers can be greatly benefited by this feature.

We’re going to live in a world completely filled with sensors, data and they would be reacting to the changes every moment depending on our needs.

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