How to Monetize & Optimize APP???


In this blog, I am unveiling how mobile app fosters marketing opportunities.

Mobile Commerce

You’ll see that mobile commerce is literally escalating the size of the online purchasing market, with 35% of mcommerce sales are coming from Smartphones, that share will fall to 27% by 2017. (eMarketer study). Online shoppers are 300% more inclined to make a purchase from a tablet than from a Smartphone. In fact, overall, mobile alters shopping experience from an occasion to a practice. It can be seen that 4 out of 5 consumers owning smartphones, utilize the device to shop (comScore report). Inspiring, right?  Mobile is employed to reserve travel, to discover restaurants, or just fetching directions anywhere. Basically we can’t live without our smartphones.

UK Report of Smartphone users:

Out of 18 European countries surveyed, with 32% UK ranks on top for people making a monthly purchase from their smart phones, whereas, it’s just 8% in France, 15% in Germany and 19% in Sweden. Retail apps were favored. 42% of UK smartphone owners used apps to browse products while at home, and one-quarter did this while commuting or at work (emarketer.com).

According to GFK reports, 420,000 smart wearable products were sold in the UK from January to September at a value of £51 million. We also avail our mobiles more to pay in-store. Research shows that UK payments value will soar by more than 50% in 2015 and millennials are receptive to using this technology with 48% saying they would fancy using it.

European Countries Report of Smartphone users:

Moreover, by comparing the survey report of 1,000+ adults in 18 European countries between Jan-Feb 2014 and Feb-Mar 2013 we get following statistics:

Whether it’s a social marketing app, an information app, an e-commerce app, a thorough strategy and plan are crucial in creating enduring customer engagement, surging brand loyalty, and thus, generating revenue.

Have you created mobile app for your industry?

Molecular Mobile Eco-system (MME) helps to meet cross-platform, multiple channels and varied technology needs of “digital citizens” in a “smart world” without hampering IT Governance, Security and Compliance Standards.

Industries which have successfully monetized their Enterprise Apps using MME are as under:

Averages APP in native OS takes around 7 months time for design, development, delivery, certification and go-live on appstore at an average cost of $270,000 for an Enterprise. WeblineGlobal Molecular Mobile Eco-System (MME) and our click-n-deploy Molecular Mobile APP Development Platform (MMADP) can assist in reducing this time and cost by up to 70% and be in control of YOUR APP.

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