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We are a leading artificial intelligence (AI /ML) application development & consultancy company providing state of the art technological solutions for business problems to our customers. We provide consultancy in all aspects of Data Engineering / Machine Learning (ML) / Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Business Intelligence (BI) which are key to building artificially intelligent products. Our experts are conversant with the following best technologies in AI/ML space: CNN, LSTM, TensorFlow, PyTorch, OpenCV, Scikit-Image, RNN, GAN, GPT-3 , Dlib, Pandas, Numpy, Scipy, Matplotlib, Spacy, NLTK etc.

We help our customers by providing experienced resources to build their solutions; examples include text generation for email content based on Natural Language Generation (NLG / NLU), medical disease detection using object detection techniques and increasing customer engagement using NLP techniques.

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AI / ML Software Development Solutions that we offer

Machine Learning

Our expert team with deep knowledge on machine learning algorithms can help you solve your complex business problems and improve customer satisfaction. Get solutions for varied needs like financial analysis as well as for medical diagnosis.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

We offer Natural Language Processing (NLP) services which includes Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Natural Language Generation (NLG) to businesses by combining various techniques of data engineering , machine learning, artificial intelligence and linguistics.

Cloud Based Artificial Intelligence

We offer our services by using latest ML algorithms along with various AI technological advances done by Amazon AWS, Google GCP and Microsoft Azure to generate valuable insights and information that can help your business flourish and build faster products to market.

AI Chatbots And Apps Or Bot Development

Our team of AI chatbot development experts with knowledge of various chatbot messaging technology and AI solutions can help you build chatbot for different platforms and uses cases domain like BSFI, Logistics & Transportation, Human Resource, Customer Support & Service, etc.

Knowledge-Based Systems (KBS)

We facilitate build AI-powered Knowledge-based systems (KBS) for enterprises to capture and record the immense information present in talented individuals gathered over years, and channelized it to create one common database which can be used for business decision-making.

Pattern And Image Recognition

We develop AI based image recognization software using advance CNN,OpenCV,GAN type AI algorithms/tools that has the capability to go through millions of images and create patterns used in medical, retail, automobile, security industries.

Advanced Predictive Business Analytics

Predictive Analytics landscape has changed dramatically with the use of new AI algorithms . Our experts with combined domain knowledge and AI/ML understanding can provide right solution for your business use case in any Food, Automobile, Supply Chain, Real Estate, BSFI industry vertical.

Text And Data Mining With Statistics

Our AI based Data mining services help enterprises to analyze large volumes of enterprise data collected over years in various formats and help generate meaningful information which is very critical in various business decision making process back by facts and data.

Face And Text Recognition And Video Analytics

Our AI-powered face and text-recognition and video analytics service facilitate enterprises to search out relevant info from text, videos and human faces – all while not fitting a lot of human effort.

Our Expertise in Tools and Technologies

  • Data Visualization & ETL

    Power BI, Tableau, Pentaho, Qlik View, Xplenty

  • Programming language

    Python, Java, R, C++, C, JavaScript, NodeJS

  • Frameworks & Tools

    TensorFlow, PyTorch, MXNET, OpenCV, Scikit-learn, CNN, RNN, LSTM, Kubernetes, Apache Kafka, Docker, Apache Spark, Azure machine learning, IBM Watson, AWS Sagemaker, AWS AI services , Google Vision & Text API, DiagFlow

  • Database

    MySQL, MSSQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, MongoDB, Cassandra, PostgreSQL, RedisDB

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