Hybrid Arrangement is here to stay

If we look for the definition of hybrid, it is defined as ‘ stuff made by combining two or more different entities’. We all know about hybrid animals, vehicles, Mobile apps etc. Now, jobs have become hybrid too based on combination of multiple skills. Globally the Tech Startups and companies are changing their office cultures by adding more hybrid or multi-skilled employees in their team. Having employees with multiple skills brings following advantages.

Having employees with multiple skills brings following advantages:

  • Its Costs effective as single resource can be utilized in multiple operations. It lowers cost of operations.
  • It reduces the efforts of Managers and Hr dept as there are less heads.
  • Brings more effective agile practices in overall culture of the company.
  • Projects are executed by less number of resources hence efforts of knowledge transfer are minimized and better control over the project is achieved.

This new age culture is already getting popular since last decade and many of the Global Startups prefer hybrid employees over regular single- specialty resources. This concept brings in the various long term and short term benefits however it also brings in some negative aspects like resources being jack of all but master of none.

Common Issues faced while hiring Multitasking Employees

The issues in hiring specifically skilled resources In technology projects, is the balance of works (skills needed) is uneven so proper work allocation and optimization is not achieved. Hence having many resources with specific skills leaves various levels of gaps which don’t allow the organizations to take up various projects which need quick turnaround.

In such situations the organizations tries to hire full stack technical resources (Multi skilled) but it still leaves gaps in terms of preciseness of performance. Normally multi skilled resources or hybrid resources are jack of many trades but can’t compete with the experience and fineness of deliveries of specialists.

To tackle the above scenarios WeblineGlobal provides dedicated employees with “Hybrid Arrangement”

WeblineGlobal is well versed with the techno-functional gaps that are normally faced by organizations looking for multi skilled or full stack resources.

Hence based on the nature and technology requirement, clients can have an arrangement with Webline which amalgamate resources of various skills in the single resource agreement.

How it works

  • Identify the nature and timeline of the project.
  • Based on the skills and hours identified per month client can opt for the mandatory dedicated resources.
  • Client can also sign up for certain Time and material based hourly allocation of the skills that are not needed full time.
  • This way the clients pay for the resources and for the skills that are not full time can be utilized and paid as per requirement.

This way the clients can remove the hassles and overheads of having dedicated team and specialists in-house.

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