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Digitization has resulted in an exponential increase in the amount of data for businesses. This has left many businesses struggling to make sense of the data with the view of making meaningful gains out of it. A business that unearths the underlying meaning lurking behind the “Big Data” is placed in a position of advantage. With the information derived from the Big Data, a business can formulate short and long-term digital strategies that would result in business growth and give your business a competitive edge.

Over the last couple of years, we have advanced our role in the Big Data revolution. We have developed a fully-fledged Big Data Center for analytics, staffed with top-level data handlers. We partner with notable industry players to provide customers with insights on data relating to their businesses. Our experts are experienced in using technologically advanced platforms such as Microsoft HDInsight and Cloudera.

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We deliver Complex Big Data Solutions for Multinational Companies

Big Data Strategy Advisory

If you have Big Data, it is useless without a strategy to break it down and make meaningful gains out of it. We work hand in hand with customers to develop proper Big Data strategies. We make use of the most relevant big data tools and methods to reach the desired objectives. Our big data solutions are specific to every customer’s needs for the best results, taking into account the prevailing technological advancements, customer preferences, and objectives. We provide an approach that allows our customers to establish a robust and technologically apt architecture for increased efficiency in daily business processes. Our experience and deep-running knowledge of Hadoop-based systems, cloud storage platforms, and MPP databases all work to help enterprises to leverage the power of big data results.

Our Big Data Strategic Advisory Services

  • Defining of Big Data Strategy
  • Outlining of the Unique Business Use Case Identification
  • Data Evaluation
  • Outlining and Presentation of Proof of Concept
  • Technology Recommendation
  • Architecture Recommendation

Big Data System Establishment and Support

A very important part of the Big Data implementation is the established technology architecture that serves as the backbone. With years of knowledge in the Big Data, we recommend infrastructure model and systematically work with the client in the implementation of Big Data technologies. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, our Big Data experts use tried and proven technologies, smoothly integrating them into the existing structures. We provide enterprises with bridges and frameworks that allow for the linking of custom systems, thus allowing for sharing of data and files between the Big Data infrastructure and the existing business systems.

Our Big Data Infrastructure Scope Covers

  • Infrastructure Installation
  • Infrastructure Configuration
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of the Big Data flow

Big Data Development, Deployment, Maintenance, and Support

We handle the entire Big Data implementation right from development, deployment, maintenance, and support. Not only have our experts worked successfully with existing Big Data technologies and tools, but we have also created frameworks and agile solutions that address the most fundamental Big Data functional aspects such as Data Management, Data Provisioning, and Data Consumption.

Our Big Data Analytics and Evaluation Services Include

  • Custom Big Data Application Development
  • Iterative Big Data Integration
  • Big Data Connection and Integration With Existing Enterprise Data
  • Big Data Migration Services

Big Data Analytics, Evaluation, Positioning, Insights Services

The main reasons why companies employ Big Data solutions are to make sense of the massive data relating to their business in a bid to gain insight and use the analytical reports as the basis for business decisions and coming up with actionable strategies. We have the expansive experience, delivering solutions to customers using data assessment and analytics tools such as Tableau, SAS, Azure ML, QlikView, R, IBM Cognos, and many others, all forming part of the Big – -Data Service Providers sphere.

Our Strengths in Big Data Solutions

  • Our Strengths in Big Data Solutions
  • Inferential statistical assessment and analysis
  • Machine learning and Data mining technology
  • Data modeling
  • Forecasting and solution-oriented analytics
  • Analytics optimization services
  • Data visualization services

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