IP Protection and Data Security Policy

WeblineGlobal understands your privacy related concerns.

Client’s ideas, intellectual property, Confidentiality and information Security is our top priority. We have a tendency to take into account project confidentiality as a crucial part for maintaining a long term relationship with our clients. We are committed to guard the user’s IP throughout the project execution cycle. Below are the few aspects that highlight the security measures we due diligently follow :


  • We by default sign a reciprocal Non Disclosure Agreement with confidentiality clauses which are governed by laws of the client’s locality.
  • By default the Client gets the copyrights and work rights. IP are also assigned to the client.
  • All our in house employees are bound by a service agreement with necessary clauses to protect IP rights, Data security, Confidentiality, Non-Solicitation, and Non-Disclosure on behalf of the client.

Protocols for Communication & Data Transfer

  • We don’t mind keeping the source code of the projects at the client’s server (based on mutual agreement).
  • We believe in aligning our communication & project management processes to be flexible and scalable. We are also open to collaborate with the systems used by our customers like PMP tools or IMs of their choice.
  • All our workstations in our premises and network are protected by UTM, Firewall systems and security applications.
  • We have installed CCTV cameras across our premises for safety and security of workplace.
  • Closely Monitored Biometric access systems for only authorized entry into the labs, offices and its premises.

IP Protection of the projects

  • Each and every team allocated to a client or project has its own secure location to store project source codes and related information.
  • The project files and information can be accessed only by authorized team members.

If you are having any questions/ concerns related to our IP protection and Data Security policy please reach at info@weblineglobal.com. We will be happy to share additional details.