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We are a trusted Microsoft partner that emphasizes on offering profitable business solutions for all our clients. Our team of Microsoft certified developers and designers excel in providing key services like custom application development, business process automation and improvement (RPA) , and system integration to help you acquire a competitive edge in the industry. Business intelligence (BI), infrastructure optimization (DevOps), and enterprise data management (BigData) are our key objectives in helping you reach your business goals. To do so we work with Microsoft technologies and platforms, enabling clients to build new and efficient business processes to utilize latest technologies for greater productivity.

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Microsoft Technology Solutions We Offer

Microsoft Technology Consulting

We offer consultation services related to Microsoft technology to businesses. We help our client to discover business issues and appropriate resolutions using the right technology. We have more than 30 people in the MSFT practices department and most of them are certified by Microsoft.


We are one of the few early service providers to embrace the open source initiative by Microsoft. We have implemented the healthy practices to offer Web Apps, APIs, Real-time apps and Micro services, to create fast, reliable and scalable enterprise applications. We are well versed in adding the must have security practices essential for the open source nature and seamless integration in Microsoft Azure cloud.

.NET MVC Solutions

We offer to build .NET MVC web-based solutions that are performance driven and scalable to help your business grow aggressively. The MVC structure provides the necessary robustness and security to the applications and it also allows seamless scalability for the team working on it in the long term.

WCF / Web API Solutions

We build service-oriented applications by following the best practices in making use of the windows communication foundation framework.

C# Development

We offer to build high-performance web applications that can provide a competitive edge to business clients.

SharePoint Solutions

We help businesses to address a number of their problems using the SharePoint solutions that we offer. These include internet web publishing, enterprise portals, and intranet.

Window Azure Solutions

We use our expertise in Microsoft Azure to help client businesses to enjoy the new cloud capabilities to move the company to the latest applications from the legacy ones.

Xamarin Mobile Development

Our Xamarin experts help to build cross platform Android and iOS Mobile apps with .NET and C# for your enterprise which give better ROI by using single software stack and bring your products faster to market.

ASP.NET Development

We build custom ASP.NET websites and web applications for the business client to enhance an accelerated business advancement.

Technological Expertise

Technological Expertise

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