Robotic Process Automation Services

Automate your business process and receive impeccable ROI with advanced optimization

RPA enables us to automate our routine processes with the help of smartly programmed software bots. These Smart Bots help us with manual regular processes like Administrative tasks, Invoicing, Accounting, Human Resource Management, Recruitment to name a few.

At WeblineGlobal, we help our clients to re-engineer and implement RPA to digitally transform their daily operations. Coupled with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, clients can introduce intelligent Automation to various departments of their organization.

This automation enhances the productivity, reduces operational costs, improve efficiency and add a scope of greater scalability.

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RPA Consulting and Development Services

Our RPA consultation approach is focused on building solutions to automate and optimize various business processes. We offer an end-to-end solution after detailed understanding of existing operations, process and tool selection for RPA and thorough execution plan for maximized operational efficiency.

RPA Consulting

Initially, we understand your pain areas on different processes to determine if the solution can be achieved using Automation. Once the scope of improvement is identified, we plan a road map for a rollout towards Automation. Our consultants then identify the suitable RPA and OCR tools for creating such a system and present the automation POC/MVP.

Designing the Automation

Our experts in automation with their vast experience map identified manual processes to the most optimized state of automation. They define the intervention models to be applied as per necessity and suitability. After designing the process architecture, the development team creates a custom framework to be implemented.

Implementation of RPA

Our technical team develop the BOTs along with cognitive services using AI & ML, and enables the planned automation. Then, RPA experts test drives the workflows, governs and validates the rollout. Finally, we assist our clients to continuously scale the business process.

Support on Automation

We then assign a dedicated support team that assists our clients with the management of the BOTs, Disaster recovery plan and identify the scope of improvement with the help of assessment.

Expert offerings

  • Automation of Desktop and Web apps
  • Automation of Citrix implementations
  • Automation of Mainframe Computing
  • Automation of ERP modules
  • Automation of MS Office 360, SharePoint and MS Dynamics implementations
  • Automation of Tasks and workflow
  • Automated Data and Screen scrapping
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Industries We Serve


Finance and Banking





Retail and FMCG

HR and Recruitment

We allow client to focus on strategically higher priorities

Optimize your processes with the help of our deep understating of RPA.

There are many tasks that need special attention and focus. But with routine additional tasks, we are unable to focus on crucial or high priority tasks. With the help of RPA the high volume, repeatable processes can be automated. This allows us to streamline our focus and that leads to operational efficiencies.

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Benefits of Implementing RPA Solutions

  • Better Compliance
  • Reduction in operational costing
  • Improvement in Productivity and efficiency
  • Higher quality due to accuracy
  • Better insights and analytics
  • Faster improvements due to reduced response time
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Popular RPA Platforms

Popular RPA Platforms

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We pride ourselves on our transparency and deliverance of results in a timely fashion. Along with regular update reports on project progress we go the extra mile by providing real time on demand project services based on your needs.

Complete IP Ownership

After project completion, we provide a smooth handover of project artifacts and all intellectual property related to the same.


We offer ‘Go-To-Market Initiatives’ which can accelerate the result of the strategies implemented in the business.

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