Understanding the RelyShoreSM Model

RelyShore is a service architecture specially modeled to enhance the outsourcing experience of the Global organizations. It’s observed in almost all the organizations that, only 20% of the high performing resources are driving the company. They also have to fill the gaps for the rest of the employees. Due to this situation, the performing team has to focus on a lot of other activities and it hampers their core expertise.

As we know that technology is ever-changing and never easy, it’s a wise decision to outsource technology tasks of the organization to someone who is specialists in technology space. Finding a reliable organization for the technology-driven projects is although tough but if, achieved is absolute bliss and very profitable for the organization that is outsourcing.

The factors which defines reliability in the world of Outsourcing:

How WeblineGlobal achieves a seamless experience for its clients

WeblineGlobal firmly believes in providing an easily attainable, blissful outsourcing experience to its clients. Hence instead of feeding the client with the complexities of the development process, our RelyShoreSM Model puts the client’s business objective at the center of the project’s life-cycle. Also apart from assigning technology experts, WeblineGlobal assigns subject matter experts in all its projects to ensure the client gets the best throughput from the assigned team and attains a healthy project life cycle.The most important aspect at our end is that we value “Relationships”, which can’t be achieved by citing jargons. We focus on the client’s profile, we try to gauge the best route to make them understand technology. Sometimes clients are not at all technical, and WeblineGlobal makes sure clients are well versed with the project life cycle during the pre-sales. If the clients can gauge how the system will behave in a real environment then the operations get very easy and that’s where WeblineGlobal provides an edge to its clients.

WeblineGlobal is the reason for many startups and large enterprises getting extensive ROI’s from their outsourced projects. Be it delivery quality, project management, deployments or communication during the project development, WeblineGlobal ensures the clients gets the best out of their engagement and having a long term association is the only goal that WeblineGlobal strives for.

Engagement Models

WeblineGlobal offers the following flexible engagement models, best suited for the client’s projects and business model.

Providing the finest “Remote Employees” using “GERE” Business Architecture

GERE is a well-integrated part of WeblineGlobal’s RelyShore architecture. Based on it WeblineGlobal provides remote employees to its clients. WeblineGlobal is well versed with the social-cultural gaps that are normally faced by organizations looking for remote employees. They ensure all resources are well equipped for a global culture by providing flexible work culture and emphasize hard on bringing the best of communication skills apart from technology practices.

  • Each remote employee to be hired by the client works as per the timing suitable for the hiring organization.
  • All resources assigned by WeblineGlobal are well versed with communication skills in the English language.
  • WeblineGlobal provides superior, secured IT infrastructure to all its resources making sure the clients can use the desired technology protocols.
  • The resources working for clients are well monitored by department heads and the leadership team to ensure a time-bound work culture.
  • As the resources are not working alone hence wherever they are stuck, they are helped by senior peers or in house solution architects to solve critical issues before they become a bottleneck.
  • All resources on board are thoroughly background checked by WeblineGlobal before getting them onboard ensuring verified track record for the social integrity.
  • All resources on board need to undersign strict NDA and term agreement ensuring clients can have peace of mind in terms of information security and longer-term of the assigned resources.

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