What is M-ERP?

A fully integrated flexible, robust, multi-user WeblineGlobal’s M-ERP Modular Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP Package) equips Small to Large Sized enterprises including Manufacturers, Distributors, Wholesalers, Traders and Dealers, with tools that maximize ROI and minimize turnaround time through increased automation and productivity, thus leading to improved customer service. M-ERP helps in change management by reinforcing all-round development, control, management and operational efficiency.

Features of M-ERP

  • Fully configurable to your business method
  • Descriptive dashboards to focus on key indicators
  • Easy to use
  • Talent Acquisition Life Cycle
  • Loan/Float capture and supervision
  • Absence life cycle and regulation
  • Engineer cost estimate
  • Set user PO Limits
  • Publish Company Activities
  • Customer and Company Asset Management including barcoding
  • Manage company van leasing
  • Integrates with all Sage versions
  • Customer-rating by Employee / Talent
  • Automatically produces customer invoice report and push to sage
  • Manage supplier invoices including conflicts
  • Bond expiry/renewal alert
  • Set SLA’s and KPI’s including penalties
  • Easy to set Project Portfolio Management regimes
  • Drag & Drop resource planning
  • SLA’s/KPI’s reminder system
  • Automated task completion and push through invoicing
  • Ability to trace gas cylinders
  • Send Customer satisfaction questionnaire to customers and track responses
  • Easy to manage Project Portfolio Management scheduling
  • Customized projects module, monitor VO’s and applications
  • Create and send invoice email with one click
  • Remember periodic invoicing through alerts and monitoring
  • Real Time task scheduling of P & L’s, Contracts and PPM’s
  • Use mobile device to exchange real time information
  • Document management system
  • Room booking
  • Automatic notification of meeting room availability
  • Tracking vehicle
  • Fleet management including accidents, repairs, MOT, insurance
  • Based on latest Microsoft platform & encourages mobility by both Web and Windows interfaces
  • Multi-currency support
  • Smart web-based solution supports multi-location and multi-company operating environment.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office and Email

Functional modules of M-ERP

Provides complete automated HR and Payroll management solutions, easy retaining of employee data, organizational structure, process payroll, attendance and leave management. Web based Employee Self Service (ESS) increases employee interaction with HR.
Bond Management
Maintenance design and reactive support contracts are crucial to client’s welfare, improving your own enterprise’s financial health.
Customer Service
Constitutes extensive, configurable call centre and call logging functions based on customer’s needs encouraging instant connection with customers and suppliers.
PPM (Plotted Protective Maintenance)
Minimizes client’s vulnerability to downtime, damage or losses.
Service Contract
M-ERP offers totally flexible and configurable SLA (Service Level Agreement) and Contract Management solution.
Running contracts for new installations becomes easy with high transparency quickening decision-making. Involves outsourcing certain processes for manufacturing a finished product.
Financial Accounting
Includes all financial activities from Accounting to Reporting. It exhibits security on a day to day basis. The real time recording and documenting of all the transactions provides an unbroken audit trail.
Mobility Solution
Industry mobility is a crucial component.
Enterprise Content Management
It makes enterprise content more manageable.
Hotel Reservation System
Automation in your everyday tasks ensures smooth operational efficiency for your business, increasing time and cost effectiveness.
VTS (Vehicle Tracking System)
It increases daily output of your fleet.
Vehicle Management System
M-ERP’s Fleet Management carries out all vehicle management operations.
Employee Empowerment
It offers solutions which empower HR staff, inspire employees, and provide new efficiencies to employees.
Client Net
It provides a unique client portal which facilitates clients the access to real time information for any of their contracts, sites, Tasks, PPM, Finance and other modules.
Vendor Portal
This allows suppliers to access real time information for their related PO’s, Issues, SLA’s and Purchase Invoices.
Inventory Management
RFID and bar codes track inventories to exact locations.
All activities from requisition to return are automated. You get detailed information about the vendors and materials while supervising deliveries and payments to vendors.
Sales Management
Range of activities from inquiry to payments to returns is included in Sales. It monitors delivery scheduling and returns deliveries too.
Production Management
You can gauge upcoming need for materials, schedule production, place purchase orders. It reduces process inadequacy.
Quality Assurance (QA)
It features shelf life expiration, lot tracking, etc. You can also produce reports for quality assurance, rejected materials.
Asset Maintenance
Plant conditions and meter values decide maintenance requirements of plant. You can generate preventive maintenance, service/site agreements and warranty agreements.
System/Modules Control
Role-based access to the system leads to powerful user management. Access Tokens help to control access to any transaction.

Modular-ERP’s user-friendly attributes empower your business in following ways :

  • Impart uninterrupted connection with suppliers, greater client satisfaction, and quick return on investment.
  • Provide business intelligence to stakeholders and support smooth integration of all organizational functions.
  • Render access to information at fingertips, eliminates business risks, thus increasing Data Integrity.
  • Optimize IT investments delivering business benefits with a resilient and affordable IT infrastructure.
  • Audit can be performed ceaselessly with increased agility, insightful decision-making and innovative capability.
  • Solid reporting feature prevents work delays. Ensures effective labor and capital usage for profitability.

Modular-ERP is versatile ERP software solution that satisfactorily serves needs of different industries

Real Estate
Trading Houses
Food Processing