Modular & Integrated M-commerce Solutions (MIM)

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M-Commerce Solutions

Mobile-Commerce, or M-Commerce has efficaciously changed the landscape between buyer and seller. In the new digital “perpetually linked” era, customers yearn for the privilege of using mobile devices to make the shopping experience effortless and enjoyable regardless of the time and place they choose to shop.

Out of the 1.2 billion “online digital citizens” worldwide, about 62% are online buyers. These stats make it imperative for retailers, small and medium enterprises to have an online presence whether it’s web only and / or mobile commerce. Most business owners realize that spontaneity plays a significant part in shopping, and that’s where a mobile computing e-commerce store can offer substantial returns to store owners. Moreover, such mobile e-commerce platform can also generate higher customer engagement.

With cut-throat competition, multiple e-commerce platforms providing B2B2C and White-label subscribed SaaS it is mandatory for online vendors to have the certified IT Technology partners, having industry compliance knowledge and coding standards to meet online security and safety protocols.

Security is always one of our major concerns, and we employ rigorous efforts and systems to maintain the highest level of security. Our apps are embedded with secure payment systems that make your E-commerce website transition to the mobile platform safer and reliable. Moreover, we always aspire to provide sophisticated data security not just for the payment system but also for all other aspects of your Electronic & Mobile commerce.

WeblineGlobal compose MIM (Modular & Integrated M-Commerce) solution delivers multi-channel framework for richer user experience in retail, hospitality, etc. MIM is WeblineGlobal’s’ scalable platform that can be integrated to complex back-end systems and advanced UIs for rich user experience (UX) in web and mobile applications over secured layer to conduct online transactions. Our UX driven mobile commerce solutions result in brand loyalty and efficient service delivery by following best business practices. Our MIM Solutions are easy to use, safe and secure.


Why WeblineGlobal’s MIM?

At WeblineGlobal, we provide cutting-edge M-Commerce solutions for your enterprise. Our deployment mechanism and procedures exhibit the flexibility and versatility of this technology and its solutions, even according to specific nation and its regulations.

WeblineGlobal’s M-Commerce Solutions by its very nature, provide benefits such as web based solutions, expansive customer range, best user interface, cost effective solution, service across multiple devices, price comparison catalog, social network integration, unique user authentication, store demographics and products information, third party integration like payment gateways, scan & manage products, behavioral study of customers preferences, integration of Google Analytics, push notifications and mobile alerts.

WeblineGlobal, as an evident pioneer in M-Commerce solutions enables enterprises to stir the mobile economy bringing together mobile messaging, apps, and implementation services. Our designers and developers are extensively experienced in using open source & proprietary platforms to improve M-Commerce experiences, delivering high ROI.

Advantages of Modular & Integrated M-Commerce System:

Our cost-effective M-Commerce solution can prepare your company to quickly embrace mobility as a new sales channel and provide seamless tailor-made and location-based marketing.

MIM creates an engaging and monetizing impression of your business in market.

Our MIM system can also be synchronized with MMADP to help your business build an end-to-end MME and meet you m-commerce and e-commerce needs.
Mobile Payment Solutions

Mobile Payment Solutions

The success of every mobile solution relies on the payment acceptance ratio of mobile payment methods. Various Payment methods & portals can be integrated with mobile commerce solutions for safer and seamless financial transactions. Benefits of Mobile Payment Solutions include the ability to provide financial services to the unbanked population of the world, the convenience of Mobile Money, extreme security, targeted audience and effective promotions. Types of Mobile Payment Solutions include direct mobile billing options,  Near Field Communication (NFC) & SMS based mobile payments to name a few. Mobile Payments are also comfortable for sellers: Set up is easier and it allows the sellers to accept payments from virtually anywhere across the globe from any connected device. Need to clarify on the term – Conversion rate. In certain cases, the Mobile Payments are considered to be more economic than regular credit card transactions. We have to speak regarding Conversion rate, so that the appropriate content can be generated.

Mobile Retail Solutions

The app provides the enriching shopping experience with the ability to scan the products/services using smart phones. It conducts the product comparisons. It can also be set to receive the personalized marketing notifications & promotions to buy and sell at the user’s convenience. Users can order and take delivery at their convenience using cash-on-delivery or other payment methods. Users can also be informed about store location, view orders and available inventory with the right pricing. Thus M-Commerce solutions help retailers to encourage repeat purchases and greater customer service through all-time order tracking.
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Mobile Retail Solutions
Mobile Hospitality Solutions

Mobile Hospitality Solutions

The 21st century traveler depends on high-tech options for managing and operating the travel needs. We build customized travel solutions for mobile devices which empower users to plan, book and pay for their trips, reserve leisure tours, book holiday packages, rent a car, book a table at restaurants, reserve an apartment, excursions, etc.
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