Molecular Mobile Eco-System (MME)

The fundamental concept of the Mobile Eco System is the adaptability between cross platform capabilities, creating the multiple channel involvement & to meet the basic challenge of meeting the ends of technological needs of the “Digital netizens” in the ever connected world of smart devices while adhering to the Standard IT Governance, Security & the Compliance standards.

Mobile or Smart devices are more than a basic communication tool. These devices come in various sizes, with different form factors, having different Operating System with high end processors and are used in applications like sending emails, video conferencing, access www, make payments, purchase goods, socialize and also used as a Media and Entertainment tool i.e. why it is said “always connected”.

If Enterprise Mobility can be interpreted as an independent Eco-system, WeblineGlobal Mobile Application Development Framework can be termed as “Write Once & Deploy Anywhere”.  In an enabler role, the framework comprises of real time customizable libraries, ready to deploy components & scalable containers which act as a molecular mass to assist an enterprise to build its own Eco-system in a multiple domain where it can be developed on a Native, Hybrid & Web Platform.


Why should Enterprises use Molecular Mobile Eco-System ?

Strategic surveys from Gartner and PwC reflect that more than 53% of the CTOs, CIOs, CEOs across globe prioritize “Mobility First” for their enterprise but face the following challenges since the shift to BYOD (bring your own device) or BYOT (bring you own technology) from CYOD (choose your own device) has following challenges,

IT Governance

Governance depends upon organization’s adaptation to Best Practices, Risk Management procedures and innovation capabilities.

IT Financials

“Mobility First” is pushing enterprises but budget, productivity and in-house expertise is also an issue, the above C-level executives are facing. To stay ahead in current dynamics, the ROI has to happen in short duration and therefore enterprises are seeking ready-to-deploy Mobile frameworks.

IT Cost clarity

Lot of disparity revolves in the Mobility industry due to sudden burst of vendors promising “quick fix” platforms. Cost transparencies relative to type of solution, IT infra dependency, in-house resource allocations and security is not available.
Molecular Mobile Eco-system on the other hand is about engaging within your enterprise with it’s own back-end systems without hindering Governance, Security and Compliance protocols and enable employees and / or end clients with a seamless, scalable technology.

Few industries where Molecular Mobile Eco-System is deployed are,

Online Payment Solutions
Legacy Systems
Reservation Systems
Event Management & Hospitality
Social Media Integration
Creative Agencies