Whether you are an individual consultant or an SME owner, your business in this digital age is certainly going to scale up and when it is going to elevate, you will need a good tech partner to rely on. Our Y-label services are designed in a way that moves along with you on all stages. Our services and partnership processes are designed to grow your revenue without adding any overhead cost to your operation.

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Every day the technology-driven business space is becoming more dynamic and challenging and hence it’s not possible for the nontechnical firms (individuals, SMEs, and Agencies) to keep themselves updated all the time. In such situations, it is best to leave these skills and operations to the teams who are specialists or domain specialists.

However, it’s essential for the businesses to cope up and hence a trusted partner can certainly help the companies to enhance their profits by providing all services under one roof without adding overheads in the operations. With 22 years of vast experience, we at Webline thoroughly understand the requirements of the nontechie firms and we are listing a few of them below:

  • The never-ending story to increase revenue and profit mark up without adding overheads in the operations. Offer maximum services under one roof to avoid letting go of business opportunities.
  • The necessity to work with a single stable partner team instead of multiple channels or freelancers.
  • Offer maximum services under one roof to avoid letting go business opportunities.
  • Reliability and transparency from the tech partner.
  • Leaving the complexity of technology to specialists and focus more on core practices and business development.
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What is Y-Label?​

Y-Label is the in-house service practices that we have designed particularly for the teams that need White Labeled Services. It’s a useful business model suitable for individual contractors, Agencies and SME groups who needs tech guys to communicate with their end clients. Y-Label business model is specifically practiced at WeblineGlobal to achieve the best practices for the partners and their end clients.

Why choose Webline’s Y-Label Model?​

  • Dedicated POC: We assign dedicated Account managers (for commercials) and Technical POC (Sr. Project Managers) who tends to follow a good timing window based on your geolocation. These managers are well versed with effective communication skills assuring the best of experience to our partners.

  • The suitable working window for partners: The assigned point of contact and account managers are available in different timing windows based on the mutual timing agreed for the projects. These healthy practices add a lot of value in regular sprints of the agile project management methods.

  • Information Security and Integrity: In such partnership agreements we follow strict NDA and MOU formats and all the employees working in our payroll are also signs of strict legal Non Disclosure agreements with time-bound commitments ensuring strong integrity with the longevity of teams and POC working with our partners.

  • Bridging the tech gap: We understand most of our partners will not be hands-on with technology or business functions. We try to add the most suitable resources in such projects. From pre-sales to delivery you will feel the difference and can make out that our focus is client driven and we strive best to make this journey easy for our clients and we add a lot of value by research during the life cycle of the project (from pre-sales to delivery). Detailed technical consultation and a higher focus on industry domain involved in the project to assure accurate on time risk mitigation.

  • A delivery is driven organization: This respects the importance of each project signed up by its partner. This philosophy is integrated well in our foundation and all our resources are aligned toward these organizational goals of bringing WOW experience and success to our clients and partners.

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Why Choose Webline as your Technology Partner?​

Providing globally equipped resources by putting extensive efforts on each resource to uplift not only their technological knowledge but also communication skills.

Well verified resources with a past background check

Strict legal NDA and MOU for information integrity.

100% transparent process and guidelines in accordance with the organization hiring remote resources.

Resources or Dedicated POCs with Excellent communication skills and Fast turnaround.

22 years of extensive industry experience. 150+ In house technology experts.

3500+ Projects delivered, 1000 + Clients Served, 98% Success ratio.

Proven experience of working as an ODC for many MNCs worldwide.

Want to start Technology services under your brand?
We got you covered.

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