Online Trading Platforms


Client is a proprietor of a well known cannabis stock business in the US.

Business Need

Cannabis has been legalized by many US states, hence its popularity has been growing tremendously in recent times. Our client wanted to enhance his business by capitalizing on online trading platform software which would work as a marketplace for buyers and sellers. This online trading platform (web application and mobile application) is expected to be developed using latest technologies to get an extra edge to his current offline endeavor.

Client Situation

Client wanted to have an online trading platform software (web and mobile) for cannabis products used for medical (non-recreational) purposes. The online trading platform software must allow registered cannabis dispensaries, seed banks and seed shops to showcase their products. Whereas buyers must be able to choose from the available products and vendors along with locations. The app should also have a feature to formally verify the age and other legal restrictions to buy & sell different cannabis products.
Web Application: Java, AngularJS, Spring Boot, MongoDB, Elastic Search, Kafka/Zookeeper, Netbeans
Mobile App: iOS (Swift, Xcode), Android (Kotlin, Android Studio)

Recommended Solution

Our app developers along with consultation with client, followed every nitty-gritty of the domain to adhere to various compliance aspects. The web application interface which we implemented for Super Admin of the entire system enabled the administrator to handle all kinds of registration requests (buyers, products & sellers) and all various system-level configurations. Based on the approval and various configurations, all the authorized sellers and buyers were able to utilize the web application & mobile app solution to trade on various cannabis products.

Salient features:

  • Super-admin web interface to manage authorized buyers, sellers and products
  • Browse through different cannabis by strain types (Indica, Sativa & Hybrid), Categories, THC%, CBD%, consumption methods and other associated attributes
  • Robust trade negotiation mechanism
  • Social media integration for sellers to market on promotional offers
  • Special shopping campaign life cycle management


Client is able to tap on additional revenues by selling cannabis products through the online trading platform software built by our web & mobile app developers. The online trading platform can be scaled easily to introduce newly compliant states. Buyers and sellers can work at any suitable time as there is no constraint of time and place due to online availability of the trading platform. Since it is no longer confined to limited networks, increased distribution framework has helped greatly in case of medical usage of cannabis.
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