Project Description

Listkeeper application is an application for sharing lists with each other. User can create lists on your Android device and share that list with other users of Listkeeper. When a change is made (either a new list item being added or a changed list item) by anyone you are sharing with, that change appears on everyone’s device who is sharing this list automatically. User can also undo any action performed to the list / list item in his/her device and that change will be reverted back on everyone’s device. User can always view the list of user’s with which this list is being shared.

  • Dynamic List management – Create / Update / Delete / Share list (by subscriber / owner)
  • List Item management – Create / Edit / Delete Row, Undo action
  • Manage Transaction Log (Full Audit Trail)
  • Two way data synchronization and queue management on device and on web server
  • Push notification management for revised list management stuff
  • User management (Login, Registration, View / Edit profile, Change password)

Technologies: (Android)

Eclipse, Android SDK
ADT Tools
Wireframe Tools (Prototyper)
ProGuard Tool

Important Achievement:

Application is providing 2 ways data synchronization with web server in order to synchronize list/item data from application to server and from server to application. Application has custom UI for list item display and providing drag-n-drop support for each list item/row in order to change items order under relevant list entity. Application also manages dynamic layouts to generate list columns to show data under grid/table layout presentation format. Application is having push notification support to notify other users in case any kind of modification triggered on any list item by relevant user group. Application is also handling time-zone difference for app users from different locations so that they all can modify/access same list/item from different locations and still their activities on that list will be logged in proper date/time synchronization without any time different related issue. Application is also having customized interface to create new list, edit list, delete list/item and undo any action triggered by app users to move onto previous phase. Application is also managing all kind of audit trail for all app users for all their actions happening on list and list items.