Google I/O 2019

Google announced it’s smart “Click and identify” app Google Lens two years back. We have seen it integrated in its own Mobile devices plus third party manufacturers like OnePlus, Motorola and many more embracing it with open arms by integrating it in their camera apps. This feature added a lot of value to the travelers worldwide (especially) and such innovative initiatives have made what Google is today. The Google Lens is estimated to be used more than 2 Billion times till May 2019.

As per Gartner by 2023, 40% of Data teams will use AI-augmented automation in large enterprises, resulting in higher productivity

After “Google I/O 2019” last week, the users and developers got loads of goodies to take care this year. Though Google Pixel 3a Phone and updates on Android “Q” were the lime lights for the consumers, the key note from CEO Sundar Pichai and the Google Team made it clear that we are going to find more innovative ways to search products and info online. This time it will be achieved via using Augmented Reality. In a simple term the Google search will come up with real world 3D models as search results.Accelerate GO-TO-MARKET Mobile App Development1-02

During the keynote it was simulated on stage, how a medical student searching for specific human body parts was offered a detailed 3d Model as a search result and later this search result was viewed in real time using “View in your space “, button (*This upcoming feature is in development stage right now).

Looking at above we can certainly envisage how engaging, knowledge search will be for Google Users. For example in the future, we will be able to see and feel the real height of an animal or can understand more about animals which are extinct long time ago.

Across the global education sector, augmented reality is said to create some astounding opportunities. This will be influenced by some of the top augmented reality trends. Augmented Reality always had great potential for the retail and fashion industry as well. Google right now is working with various institutions and industries like NASA and Samsung to name a few to create a big knowledge base. That day is not far, when the Fashion Giants or product manufacturers will able to add 3d Models of their upcoming products and the potential buyers will be able to review them on their mobile screens and with the variety of views, will let them understand its real life behavior before purchasing it. This type of innovations will certainly help the buyers to take more informed decisions and will allow the marketing teams to put right enough “convincing” information about their produces.

Many experts are predicting that by 2025, the AR/VR industry will be generating a revenue of USD 25 Billion. Many experts also predict that investing on such tech startups will be a wise idea considering the steady progression in demand of these techs in the market.

A video captured during the Google I/O 2019 explaining integration of AR in Google Lens, Google Assistant, Google Photos and Google Search:


Augmented Reality is slowly making its own path to the lives of the consumers and with such initiatives of Google it may soon make it a main stream feature of mobile computing. The innovative ways it helps consumers, is quite limitless and that day is not far when we will understand the behavior of products from past and future, more closely with the help of our mobile phones.

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