Interesting E-commerce Trends

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Trends change in every industry. It becomes important for the ecommerce owners to catch up and follow the latest trends.

Let’s have a look at some of them:

Smartphone revenue to overtake desktop

Industry experts predict that smartphones will overtake the desktop for ecommerce transactions. Most of the business owners are investing in mobile user experiences because more and more users are making transactions with their smartphones instead of laptop and desktop. It is assumed that tablet and desktop traffic will stagnate in 2016. The mobile conversion rates will improve in the coming years.

Investment in content-rich experiences

Retailers all over the world are competing in crowded markets. They are looking for new ways to differentiate through data and so, ecommerce owners are investing in content-rich experiences to attract the visitors. Online retailers are expanding their content teams, investing in video and hiring category specialists.

UX becomes CX

We always talked about User experience. The customer experience is wider than UX. One needs to pay attention to customer experience by understanding the customer insight. Some of the large retailers have already understood the importance of CX and have already invested in it.

Mobile payments will skyrocket in 2016

The payments will be focused towards mobile payment methods. Mobile traffic would push the payments. Hence, we can expect to see greater use of mobile payments in 2016. There will be greater use of mobile payments in the coming years. Moreover, you can see smarter uses of tech to target people with offers. Beacons and use of native device wallet will be the newest buzz for storing coupons and loyalty cards.

Connecting with customers through Social Media

Social media is considered to be a great way to connect with customers and get them engaged with your brand. Many social networks have opened up new systems for selling. For example: Twitter and Pinterest will have buttons so that business owners can post and sell their items directly. Same can be the case with Facebook in 2016.


The world of ecommerce is always changing and advancing. If you want to push your ecommerce business to the next level, keep an eye on the latest market and industry trends and adopt them before it gets late.

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