MMADP - Mobile App Development Platform

What is MMADP?

‘MMADP – Molecular Mobile App Development Platform’ is used for those tools and software suites that build mobile apps, including design, development, testing, performance management. Thus, MMADP focuses on client-side development and lifecycle challenges of building apps for a multi-device, multi-operating system world.

Benefits of MADP

  • Service reusability across mobile applications
  • Mobile friendly modeling
  • Enable IDE based device development – middleware modeling – backend integrations
  • Single security strategy
  • Repository for enterprise mobility
  • Consistent synchronization support
  • Device queue visibility and better control of channels

Limitations of MADP

  • MADP uses older models for deploying software
  • Unsuccessful in integrating with the horde of data sources that today’s apps need to access.
  • Also, these designs are not flexible and thus could not compete with the pace of mobile device technology’s growth.
  • The work of software engineers doubled if an app was going to run well on both iOS and Android mobile operating systems. Also it focuses little on the problems of data..
  • Since the apps backed by MADP were built using proprietary technologies, the chances for them to be locked into a particular’s vendor’s solution were more.

Players of MADP

Kony, Xamarin, Adobe AIR, Sencha TouchPhoneGap, Appcelerator, SAP, Microsoft, Blackberry, IBM, Motorola Solutions

What is MEAP?

A mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP) is a comprehensive suite of products and services that enable development of mobile applications. The term was coined in a Gartner Magic Quadrant report in 2008 when they renamed their “multi-channel access gateway market”. A MEAP solution consists of two parts: a mobile middleware server (MBaaS) and a mobile client application.  Most MEAPs also come with a mobile configuration/development toolset that allows companies to create and adjust the mobile solutions.

Benefits of MEAP

  • Write-once, deploy-everywhere efficiency
  • Multiple feature integrations of mobile apps with mobile devices, card readers, printers, barcode scanners and end point devices.
  • Manages Interface with client middleware server and back-end infrastructure by control via web-based console
  • End-to-end security & user authentication. Also generates detailed reports on user usage, devices and apps.
  • Off-line Connection
  • Robust back-end connectivity with mobile devices through mobile middleware.
  • Support for scalability, cross-platform compatibility
  • Self-sufficiency.
  • Uses 4GL Techniques Also uses the graphical environment and dedicated script language solutions.
  • Integration with multiple server data sources for leverage SOA services from backend systems.
  • BYOD: Centrally manages mobile applications.
  • Enables Central Server Deployment

Limitations of MEAP

  • License costs, lock-in to one supplier
  • No front end development tools (UI, IDE, SDK)
  • No Test System (Manual & Automation)
  • On-premise installation expertise needed.
  • Lack of adaptability, standardization and customization.
  • No GPS, compass and camera

Players of MEAP

Leaders: Syclo, SAP, Antenna

Niche Players: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Usablenet, Netbiscuits, IBM, Spring Wireless, Data Systems International (DSI), Andanza Technologies,, FileMaker, Apacheta, AnyPresence

Visionaries: Kony, Adobe, Sencha, Jquery Mobile, Appcelerator, Verivo Software, Dojo


WeblineGlobal Molecular Mobile App Development Platform (MMADP) is a click-n-deploy scalable architecture, which can be configured through a very user friendly UI builder. Developers can auto-regenerate code from native to native, native to hybrid and vice-versa as well as native / hybrid to html5 and vice-versa. The Platform is linked to complex back-end systems / middleware / MBaaS and Compilation Servers which further synchronize UI screens to actions and generate multi-channel apps. Finally, before deployment the auto-generated App goes through our cloud hosted continuous quality assurance automation cycles where it undergoes functional and non-functional test cases across multiple OS and form factor devices mounted across multiple geographies.

MMADP (Molecular Mobile App Development Platform) is an end-to-end, ready-to-use and click-n-deploy suite with features of many MEAP and MADP solutions available in the market.

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