17 Reasons Why You Should Opt For Flutter App Development

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Flutter App Development

Flutter is a free and open-source framework created by Google. The primary objective behind developing this Framework was to build robust cross-platform mobile applications with the help of a single code base. The Framework was launched in 2017 and has gained significant momentum ever since its inception. Also, Flutter makes app development faster is by streamlining designer-developer collaboration. Statistica reported that Flutter became a highly preferred programming language used to develop mobile applications in a concise span of just two years.

Flutter is a highly preferred choice of every mobile app development company. Companies like Reflectly, Alibaba, BMW, eBay, and more located across the globe preferred Flutter over other programming languages. Google aimed to provide the applications with the perfect Framework and make the development process easy.

Why Developers Should Choose Flutter for App Development?

The flutter framework empowers application developers to build high-scale applications with highly suitable icons, typography, and scrolling behavior. Flutter app development is very convenient for both novice and advanced app developers. Hence, around two million developers have used Flutter for the development of mobile apps.

If you are considering Flutter for your next mobile app development project, you have made the right choice. A Flutter app Development company will help you with a high-performing mobile app. Let us go over a few reasons that explain why you should start using Flutter to develop applications.

  • Single Code Based:

With Flutter, you can develop cross-platform applications using a single code base. It provides a solution to build single code applications, which means you will have to write the code once, and the application will run on any platform. It makes the development of cross-platform applications very easy. With flutters, developers will not have to build separate applications for iOS and Android. As a result, they work exactly like native apps and offer users fast response and enhanced experience.

  • Flutter App Development Supports Test-Driven Development:

Flutter is a framework that supports Test Driven approach that enables the developers to build prototypes as early as possible. It also allows the developers to write more efficient single code for all platforms. The test-driven development approach will enable developers to know more about the functions and features required to test first.

  • App Development in Flutter is Faster:

Flutter not only makes the development process fast, but it also helps make blazingly faster apps. The apps developed using Flutter operate smoothly and efficiently. The applications don’t hang or cut while scrolling. It enables developers to build impressive web applications in less time and with fewer resources.

  • Better UI Consistency Across Platforms:

Flutter provides an app development tool to make the process convenient. With the help of such tools, developers can have complete control over every pixel present on the screen, as it helps to move everything, right from themes, animations, widgets, gestures to rendering in a single framework, etc. That said, Flutter provides the flexibility to modify the UI as per requirements and get customized, animated application designs.

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  • Flutter App Development Provides Cross-Platform Capabilities:

Flutter enables the development of cross-platform applications. It is a framework based on a single code that enables completely native, browser-based applications for varied platforms. It also provides the developers with access to even a single API, Android, and iOS, with the help of a single code written. The developers can deploy the code on any browser or can also embed it in the browser.

  • Smooth Integration:

Flutter can smoothly integrate with several different famous development tools, empowering the developers to get started with the process rapidly. You can either choose to use the IDE or the editor, whatever you are familiar with. Also, for creating automated apps and continuous testing, Flutter announced its brand new CI/CD system known as Codemagic.

  • Faster Time to Market:

The ability of cross-platform app development is one of the major reasons why developers use frameworks that enable the development of applications on multiple platforms using a single code base. Flutter app development enhances productivity and efficiency with reduced development time and lower costs incurred. Faster time to market is crucial for the procedure to gain traction from the masses. Hire Flutter developers to get applications built really fast.

  • Hot Reload:

The hot reload feature of the Flutter enables developers to experiment with the built-in UIs quickly and easily. It allows the developers to add more features and also fix bugs, if any present, within the code. Flutter enables the developers to see their code come to life in less than a second. The state of the app is not lost either.

  • Native Like Performance:

Native Like Performance

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Dart programming language is used by the Flutter framework that is responsible for making applications perform like native apps. The programming language is easy for developers to work with, and they can assemble apps in native codes. Hence it provides a native-like performance to the apps and enhances it as well.

  • Use Custom Widgets:

Developers get over 1000 custom widgets when working with Flutter. They also get the flexibility of creating their custom widgets with the help of which they can provide intuitive user interfaces to their applications. They will only have to create the UI element once, and then they can employ that. That said, whenever the widget is used in an app, the design gets automatically set in any screen size.

  • Develop Versatile Web-Based Apps:

We just read that Flutter has numerous built-in widgets that enable the developers to build impressive web-based apps for various domains. Several industries already leverage the advanced app tools, and they are successfully running their applications with no complaints. Hospitality and food services, eCommerce and fashion, entertainment, finance, etc., are a few industries that have adopted this advanced tool. Hire a Flutter developer for your mobile application needs.

  • Timely Updates from Google:

Timely Updates from Google

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Since its inception, Google has been investing and supporting this Framework to make it the next big solution for the app development industry. Flutter experiences regular updates from its team, and they incorporate new features that make the development process for developers. Flutter is also backed by a large community of developers who are ready to help each other during the development procedure and make the experience of app development better for all.

  • Flutter App Development Reduce Overall Cost:

As we know, Flutter app development takes less time for the application to get developed. With less time taken, the development cost gets reduced as well. Flutter has made app development possible even with a small budget, and hence, many startups and small businesses rely on the framework to develop cross-platform applications with greater ease. This enables companies to attain a competitive edge, and developers can build applications at nominal rates.

  • Firebase as BaaS:

The teams of Firebase and Flutter work closely to provide the developers with the best possible help. Firebase works as BaaS, which means backend as a service, and it handles all complexities at the backend of your application. After the app is ready, it can be hosted on Firebase. Firebase ensures a seamless user experience by handling all backend complexities. That said, the combination of Firebase and Flutter is the best.

  • Flutter App Development is Cheaper:

Developing a native app is expensive since developers have to write different codes for distinct operating systems. However, as far as cross-platform applications are considered, with the help of a single codebase, developers can build applications that run seamlessly on different platforms. This helps to minimize the cost of application development and its maintenance here and there.

  • Wider Market Reach:

Since Flutter enables cross-platform applications, the developers can cover a vast range of devices and platforms. By building a single application, they can address a broader spectrum of audiences irrespective of the devices they are using.

  • Strong Community Support:

Google backs Flutter with the help of huge community support, and since it is an open-source framework, it becomes easily customizable. For four years, Flutter app developers have been backed by a strong community of over 1000 developers. The developers can access numerous resources through this community, including videos, articles, podcasts, blogs, several events, and more. Such things make the development process for the Flutter app development company easy.


Flutter is a widely accepted mobile app development framework and is becoming popular with each passing day. Flutter offers a great solution to create unique and high-performing cross-platform mobile apps that operate seamlessly on all platforms. It offers a host of features that makes it easy for the developers to develop and reduce code redundancy that efficiently helps with Flutter app development. Moreover, it also has excellent community support. Want to build a mobile app? Get started with our affordable mobile app development services and make the most of your mobile apps.

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