Retail Processes and Mobility Payments with Modular MBaaS

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Retail processes and Mobility Payments with Modular MBaaS

Earlier, we discussed about the challenges the retail industry faced and how WeblineGlobal’s Modular MBaaS provides the right solution for them.

Globally the mobile payments accounted for approx.40% of the transactions in 2014 which is expected to grow 50% in the developing countries. The mobile payments will likely to play a crucial role in the global retail eco system in the next decade with the introductions of App first strategies by the e commerce giants. The rapid deployment of applications will be a single most challenge for the ecommerce players to take the first movers’ advantage. With the increase in the usage of the mobile, the share of mobile advertisements and the digital spending will also increase. With the introduction of mobile payments, the issues of security, NFC reliability, Payment process time, application scalability also come under the radar.

WeblineGlobal’s Modular MBaaS provides an interesting insight to the above said features. With Modular MbaaS, the developers can incorporate the push notification, User management, Data Sync, Identity management, SMS, Data storage, Preset Orchestration and ensure that the mobile application become the scalable and robust. Think of Modular MBaaS as a building blocks service for the mobile application development process. With the core development is the focal point, the backend services can be taken care of with the minimal time and the reduction in the pivotal costs associated with the mobile application development. While processing the payment, the data which stored in the database using Modular MBaaS will be tightly encrypted by a strong algorithm.

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