Some Famous Apps using React Native

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Some Famous Apps using React Native

Since a couple of years the industry is witnessing a new shift in the Mobility Segment. Off late companies are trying to create more apps based on JavaScript communicating with Native libraries to create more cost effective and fast performing apps. The most popular platforms for such Semi-Native developments are Flutter ( by Google and React Native (

Using React Native the developers can create really fast performing apps which genuinely behave like Native Apps. React Native is backed by Facebook and most of their Mobile Apps are using this technology. Also they have been working a lot to make it a main stream technology. Since its public release in 2012 this platform has become favorite for the developers to create great performing apps quickly and cost effectively.

As per the trends in Google Search in 2016, for the first time React Native surpassed Android and iOS development in terms of organic searches worldwide. Hence the future of React Native looks promising as it has become a trending topic within the mobile app developers worldwide.

The concept of creating high performing apps for multiple Mobile platforms using one technology seems unbelievable however React Native off late is letting users create such apps pretty easily by reusing most of the codes and that’s how its allowing them to create apps with accelerated process.

Brief about React Native

It’s basically the native versions of popular web libraries and its primary purpose is to bring the power of React Scripting to Native Mobile apps. Their components are side-effect free, and allow the developers to create real time views. That makes it easy to create state- dependent views as the framework updates the view whenever the state changes on behalf of the user/developer. This allows a very easy and rapid development. Actual Native views are used for rendering the UI; hence the UX is far better than other hybrid solutions which normally render web components inside WebView.

Why the Big companies are using React Native?

There are many reasons for the popularity of this platform and first one is that it is a Facebook Product. This technology platform is used by Facebook for its own mobile apps. With their reputation as one of the world’s best tech firms they have created one of the best platforms for themselves and now other developers can also use this technology. Initially Facebook developed it for iOS only however now it supports Android as well. The Facebook ad manager app is developed both for iOS and Android by the same team of developers. Biggest USP of this platform is the decision of Facebook to make this an open source and aims to make it available in many other platforms including windows.

According to Jeff Meyerson, creator of the podcast Software Engineering Daily, React Native will survive the competitive niche of mobile app development and continue to take over a fair share of the mobile ecosystem. He also speculated that Facebook might create their own mobile phone, built specially to support apps developed with React Native.

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Now let’s check out some Popular Apps that are created using React Native:

1). Facebook App (

2). Facebook Ads Manager App (

3). Walmart App (

4). Bloomberg App (

5). Instagram (

6). Gyroscope App (

7). WIX App (

8). Apps (


These are some of the major apps which are popular worldwide and are created using React Native. If we look upon these apps all of them are well popular with huge amount of data coupled with the best UI’s that can be offered in mobile computing world. Looking at the success of above projects it’s not wrong to say that soon the developers and creators worldwide will prefer such platforms over Native app development as they are constantly improving and will be preferred more by the developer community soon.

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