What Makes Responsive Websites The Need Of The Hour?

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What makes responsive websites the need of the hour?

With the increasing usage of mobile devices nowadays, it becomes important for every website to be compatible with a variety of devices to reach a larger audience. Customers prefer browsing the websites on their mobile phones and tablets. Responsive design is the need of the hour as it renders an optimal viewing experience. No matter what devices is used for accessing the website, it offers rich user experience and easy navigation.

Mobile internet usage
Mobile internet usage has increased a lot in the last few years. All of us like to stay connected with our peers and business associates in our work and personal life. Mobile internet has become a necessity today for making our lives easier and comfortable. With the growing use of mobile internet, consumers opt for browsing websites on their smartphones.

Why a Mobile Friendly website?
Responsive web designs are fluid and ensure that the content moves around freely irrespective of the screen resolutions. The users can access your business website from any device and they would get an optimal user experience. As a single website is compatible with all the devices, it helps the website owners save significant amount of money.

Google loves responsive websites and so, it increases the visitor count to your business site. If you have a separate desktop and mobile website, you may find it difficult to manage both of them. Moreover, there would be two separate SEO campaigns for the websites. By having a responsive website, you can manage SEO campaigns easily.

Responsive websites make the users happy and increases the conversion rates. You can stay ahead in the competition by having a responsive website for your business. There are chances that your competitors do not have a mobile friendly website and they may lose potential clients. Those clients may come across your website and this would improve your sales.

Is mobile friendly website a costly affair?
A few years ago, responsive websites were considered to be a luxury and they were not an affordable option for most of the small and mid-sized business owners. In today’s world of web development, mobile friendly websites are a necessity and cost effective too.

Creating two different websites may cost a lot of money and having one single site that can be accessed on multiple platforms may be an affordable option for most business owners. So, as compared to a non-responsive website, responsive website is a cheaper method of reaching the audience.


With so many benefits of responsive websites, you should not ignore turning your existing site into a responsive one. If you do so, you may surely lose a lot of business every month. Think about it!

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