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About the Project

This app is developed mainly to target a very special feature to use device’s front and rear facing cameras to capture either pictures or video and merge them as single video or picture. The user can also record sound while recording video. User can also append separate music files from iTunes to this created video. The video can then be played back on device screen in a split view, under top & bottom view.

  • Record Video or Capture image using both device cameras
  • Merge Video or Image from 2 different videos and images
  • Add Videos and Images to favourite
  • Post comments on Videos / Images
  • Share via email, text, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Technologies: (iOS)

  • xCode IDE
  • Apple iOS SDK
  • UI Kit, Social Kit, Store Kit

Technologies: (PHP)

  • Eclipse
  • Code Igniter
  • MySQL

Important Achievement:

– Record 2 separate videos through front and rear cameras and finally creating composite video through those 2 videos putting them on top and bottom fashion.
– Editing videos files through cropping, framing and also manipulating audio and text on video files.

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