Missy Confidential Thumb
Missy Confidential

This application targeted for iPhone and Android platforms and provides facility to guide users to the best designer sales, beauty deals, home & living sales, kids fashion, and lifestyle events all around your city or nearby you.

Social Media Sharing App Thumb
Social Media Sharing App

It’s a social networking application which allows people to sign up and “yell” anything they would like in textual, audio, image or video format. User posts yell which can be seen by their trackers and other users for their profile.

Patient Tracker Tool Thumb
Patient Tracker Tool

Patient Tracker is an iPad application which can manage Patients detail information and support some great features which required by any physician for practice.

Wedding Planner Thumb
Wedding Planner

Plan the wedding smartly and manage through the Wedding planner app. Using this app, it is easy to locate the best venues, florist, wedding dresses, DJs and bands.

Digital Contract Management Thumb
Digital Contract Management

Digital Contract Management App is an iPad application that allows a counselor to write customized preened contracts. It reduces errors while saving time for the funeral home.

Tabata Coach Thumb
Tabata Coach

In order to do Tabata exercise effectively everybody needs a coach and Tabata Coach behaves as your personal trainer which helps you to perform all the Tabata exercises based on your exercise goal.

Digitalarti Thumb

Digitalarti has been providing services to companies, local authorities, agencies, architects worldwide to create innovative digital events, exhibitions, installations, rent or buy artworks, produce tailor-made artworks and advertising operations.

Fitness Trainer App
Fitness Trainer App

The Training Notebook (Mobile App) is created to help fitness trainers/professionals and fitness enthusiasts worldwide to manage their daily routines quite easily.

My Split Video Thumb
My Split Video

This app is developed mainly to target a very special feature to use device’s front and rear facing cameras to capture either pictures or video and merge them as single video or picture.

Oncological Support Tool

This application is developed for healthcare professionals which can help as a decision support tool. This app provides easy to use medical calculators (including body surface area, opiate equivalence converters and carboplatin dosage) and prognostic tools (including a lung cancer tool and a GIST tool) needed to manage patients at point of care.

Road Peer Thumb
Road Peer

Roadpeer is a platform targeted for end users and drivers where drivers can update traffic update (in form of different status as heavy, moderate, low, very low).

Document Mailing Service Thumb
Document Mailing Service

Document Mailing Service is a fast and safe way to send documents and checks via snail mail from your mobile device. Application user can post their documents (PDF, word, images) bank cheque etc. in softcopy and deliver it with a hard copy for specified delivery date and recipients.