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This website is a safe, secure, social media network designed for parents. The website is at the Confluence of Two Rich Verticals i.e. Social & Parenting.

Website provides advertisers highly focused targeting of consumers and their key influencers. It connects users with brands that can improve their parenting experience.

  • Clean, simple layout for parents to digitally share and archive updates, photos, and videos
  • Each post can be tagged a “level” to share content only with those who the parents approve, and who subscribe to the content.
  • Encourages frequent use without “oversharing”
  • Features like Authorization and account creation using other social network, Profile Management, Profile Wall, Timeline, Personal Diary, Messages, Groups, Photo & Video Albums, Like and Flag feature for content.
  • Plug-ins with existing social media networks (facebook, google+, pinterest, twitter, tumblr, etc.) to help facilitate reach
  • Honest and straight-forward privacy settings that users control
  • Over-time site becomes digital “baby book” – a complete
  • Archive of the family’s growth and development
  • COPPA compliant


MySQL 5.6
Extensive use of jQuery

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