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    Document Mailing Service is a fast and safe way to send documents and checks via snail mail from your mobile device. Application user can post their documents (PDF, word, images) bank cheque etc. in softcopy and deliver it with a hard copy for specified delivery date and recipients. App allows to select multiple recipients address for a set of files / documents selection(browse from device, cloud or camera capture) to consider it as a single delivery order, app supports user friendly UI to give impact of each documents/files collection of a single address as single envelope to post, forward or cancel existing envelope. Application users can also easily pay for their generated orders etc. through their Paypal account or Credit card. Application also provides option to keep track of past order history for paid/unpaid orders.

    Technology / Technologies (iOS):

    xCode IDE
    Apple iOS SDK
    UI Kit
    Social Framework

    Technologies: (Android)

    Eclipse, Android SDK
    ADT Tools
    ProGuard Tool

    Technologies: (.NET)

    .NET Framework 4.0
    Visual Studio 2012

    Important Achievement:

    Application has provided platform to collect documents from device through different options and finally submitting it on cloud for physical printing service. Application has used Microsoft COM components to confirm submitted documents page size etc. in order to decide cost for that particular order (based on documents included in that order) so this is very important part of this application’s order/price confirmation. Applications has provided complete 2 ways synchronization for all orders and documents submitted by application users from their devices to their cloud based account in order to manage their pending orders/document from any device after login using their account.

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