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    About the Project

    Prewatch (Preview + Watch) is the ultimate YouTube client application for users which allows users to watch any video at anywhere for free. User can go through a quick preview of video that you would like to watch. User can log into the application and manage YouTube account right from here. User can also explore the widest range of video collections, channels, and playlists. Also access all favourites and liked videos, subscribed channels and YouTube watch history. User can share videos with your friends via your social networks and email.

    Key features

    • User can Preview Videos
    • User can Preview before watching the whole video – you can easily preview the thumbnails for videos.
    • Preview up to 5 videos at a time.
    • Start playing video from the frame you want.


    • Applications having option to change quality/resolution while playing a video.
    • Users can share videos on their social networks and e-mail.

    Explore your YouTube collections

    • User can have quick access to user’s personal YouTube collections.
    • User can explore videos from their favourites, likes, watch later, subscription and playlist collection easily.
    • Users can also add new video to these collections on single touch and can subscribe to new channels.

    Explore YouTube’s wide videos and channels catalogue

    • User can access all videos and channel available on YouTube.
    • User can explore videos and channels of your interested categories.

    Technologies: (Android)

    Eclipse, Android SDK
    ADT Tools, DDMS, AVD
    ProGuard Tool

    Technologies: (iOS)

    xCode IDE
    Apple iOS SDK
    Store Kit, UI Kit
    Social Framework

    Technologies: (Windows Phone 8 & 8.1)

    Visual Studio 2013 IDE
    Windows Phone 8 SDK
    Microsoft Phone Control Toolkit

    Important Achievement:

    Applications is having parsing YouTube response through customized scripting to fetch YouTube video’s framing detail and based on that framing detail application is creating a slide based preview for users for that video which user can review before actually downloading whole video in memory and saving un-required data usage. Application is also providing support to jump on to relevant timeframe YouTube videos from the frames provided in application so user can directly jump onto interested part of video rather than wasting time on watching whole video. Application is also having integration with YouTube 3.0 API in order to provide access to app users for YouTube’s personalized areas to be integrated with this application so that application can also provide facility to users to directly personalized and access their YouTube facilities through this application and at the same time can use Frame preview facility as well.

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