Project Description


Application will provide security for teenagers to avoid accidents, while they are driving vehicles and texting. This application will lock device’s all functionality including texting so that teenagers will not give his/her focus on their phone functions specially on texting while driving vehicle to avoid accidents..

  • Lock the device (make all other applications/device features un accessible) while teenager is driving a vehicle
  • Auto populate emergency contact list during app lock, with GPS based service
  • Allow to configure emergency contacts (via phonebook or manual add)
  • Pass code and pattern matching for admin users access
  • Based on GPS emergency phone number configuration

Technologies: (Android)

Eclipse, Android SDK
ADT Tools
Wireframe Tools (Prototyper)
ProGuard Tool

Important Achievement:

Application is utilizing GPS service of device in order to calculate speed of the device (based on some predefined mathematical formulas) and using device’s internal sensors as well. Application is calculating vehicle’s speed from device’s speed through GPS service and based speed value set in configuration section, application also locks all the services of device except facility provided by application so practically device is being locked while application/device is moving over some defined threshold value. Application providing facility to secure speed configuration through passcode protection in order to keep it configurable through correct user/app owner only. Application is blocking incoming messages and phone calls while device is in motion and speed is above the threshold value.