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Digitalarti has been providing services to companies, local authorities, agencies, architects worldwide to create innovative digital events, exhibitions, installations, rent or buy artworks, produce tailor-made artworks and advertising operations. Digitalarti Services have also been enabling these companies to enhance their R&D departments, innovation politics, to communicate in a much more original way and to be a part of a new kind of international digital culture.

Site deals with news, media, artists, innovation and digital-art. It tightens the relationship between art and science. This site also allows artists to submit their work to the site and it will be publicly available to all. It allows users to add video, images and text articles related to digital-art.

There is Android & iOS application built using PhoneGap to support the website for listing specific categories articles is also there in the market. Videos of the digital-arti are also available in the application.

  • Online information for the Digital-art
  • Categorization of articles based on the available categories
  • Users can submit their articles related to digital-art
  • Tagging for the articles
  • Social media integration
  • Messaging amongst users

Technology / Technologies:

Other contributed Drupal modules
jQuery Mobile

Important Achievement:

Up-gradation of the site from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6.

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