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By Ami Dias |
Whitepaper - M-ERP by WeblineGlobal

WeblineGlobal’s Modular Enterprise Resource Planning (M-ERP) is a fully integrated, robust, multi-user Next generation package that promotes transparency and innovation into all business areas. M-ERP acts as a game changing ERP solution, helps in change management by reinforcing all-round development, control, management and operational efficiency. It helps you retrieve real time information anywhere anytime. M-ERP is a simple, modular, highly scalable, adaptable, agile, comprehensive & industry-specific customizable solution for small to large sized enterprises including Manufacturers, Distributors, Wholesalers, Traders and Dealers. It’s user-friendly interface maximizes ROI & minimizes turnaround time through increased automation and productivity with better security. A check on each business activity can be kept through its configurable dashboards, which allows fast menu-driven access to more details when required. This ultimately leads to improved customer service and faster deployment.

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