4C's to Build A Simple Mobile App in Native, Hybrid or HTML5

With an exponential increase in mobile devices across globe in the form of smartphones, phablets and tablets it is never-ending challenge for app developers to provide one-to-fit-all type of app. There are multiple factors like the OS type, Form Factors, Compatibility, Scalability, IT Governance, Provisioning, IT Security and above all Cost Clarity or Financials.

So let’s try to break these challenges into 4C’s consumed by MMADP (Molecular Mobile App Development Platform):

1) Create:

Create Mobile Apps

  • Before starting the app development, you should brainstorm, jot down your ideas on paper and remember to be as detailed as possible. Decide your starting point, your development time, your goal, and how will you reach there. Use your knowledge, skills, creativity and imagination to develop a good understanding of a topic.
  • Do research, conduct a feasibility study, know your target markets, identify the right prospects, and focus on the core features, benefits and target audience of your app.
  • Identify app category and popularize ideas accordingly whether it is for ecommerce, healthcare, hospitality, online payment, reservation, retail, social media, security, weather, calling, game, travel, or to be applied within enterprise, you should be able to build a feature-rich, unique, optimized and user friendly app.
  • The design of an App Icon should serve a purpose and clearly represent the use of an app.
  • Build videos, animations and screenshots of the app to go on app store or to be shared for a clear and simpler understanding without any ambiguity.
  • Building rapid prototypes, wireframes and animations should be included in design process. The quick execution to build an innovative app is absolutely crucial.
  • Quality design increases user engagement and ultimately ROI.

2) Connect:

Mobile Application Development

  • Decide whether you need a custom, native iOS, Android, or Windows App.
  • Decide whether you wish to go with “regular approach” or use “systemized platforms” like Molecular Mobile Application Development Platform (MMADP) and save time, money, resources and build an error-free app without writing a single line of code.
  • Shorten app development lifecycle by working on Compatibility, functional, Performance, load, error, network security, configuration, quality assurance, A/B testing, speed and user testing issues such as network latency, errors, bugs, and crashes by using MMADP.
  • Finally, run the build through a cloud based automation program to preview how your app shall perform in different regions on different devices using different networks.

3) Compile:

Complie Your App

  • Using mobile app development platform like MMADP, you can compile your app, download and install it directly on your smart devices.
  • Compile and submit to the respective platform’s App Stores if you wish to get it certified.
  • With MMADP – go cloud and enjoy zero or minimal maintenance without losing out on speed, deployment cycle time, app distribution, receiving feedbacks and maintain thread.

4) Certification:

Mobile App Launch

MMADP coding structure helps you meet the key certification criteria as mentioned below –

  • App’s quality on different devices.
  • Content rating for your app based on its maturity level.
  • Country distribution and localization needs.
  • App’s overall size.
  • App’s platform and screen compatibility ranges.
  • Your application icon, app store icon, and launch images.
  • App Description, App Category, App Type, and Store Graphics.

Moreover it also assists with App Optimization features like,

  • Publish your app as Top free app, top paid app, or top Glossary.
  • Generate a buzz for your app via online marketing and search engine marketing, etc.
  • Analyze user feedback for your app and realize importance of User Acquisition.
  • Build in-app feedback mechanism, and data-capturing capabilities right into your app.

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