Project Description

Bills Payment Portal

The project Bills Payment Portal (BPP) is a precise enterprise hierarchy based application which allows user to manage resources and entities with fair level of optimization. This system is developed using full J2EE technology stack. BPP provides the services that help its users to do online transaction like mobile recharge, search for available flights, booking flight etc. User can also track transaction status and generate reports for the same

Various features offered are:

  • Authentication and Authorization of the users.
  • Accessing resources based on roles.
  • Entity Generation based on internal configuration.
  • Dynamic Web Service Creation.
  • Date wise Reconciliation Report of transaction for particular Entity
  • Dynamic Reconciliation Process based on Entity configuration
  • Dynamic Project Configuration
  • Integration with Accounting System for managing transaction
  • Fine Grained Transaction Logging System
  • Alert System to notify user via e-mail for reports, available balance etc.

Technology / Technologies:

Java 1.7
Eclipse Juno
Spring 3.2
EJB 3.1
Extensive use of Core JavaScript & Kendo UI
JSP used extensively
RestEasy Web Service
Entity Mapping Framework Dozer 5.5
Apache Ant1.8.0
JBoss AS 7.1.1

Important Achievement:

  • Successfully released the first version in 2017 and maintaining the application for the client since then via continuous development.
  • We have already upgraded the technology stack of this application a couple of times since the earliest release in 2017.