Project Description


This app is a utility designed by a physician to help users to achieve their health and diet goals by guiding through the hCG diet tracking chart. It is based on the original Simeon protocol but there have been many customizable options added for end users to adapt the diet to their specific needs.  Application is providing user-friendly tracking tool that app users can use and reference everyday while on their hCG diet tracking.  It has a detailed description of every phase, along with a food reference chart, weight, measurement, and BMI tracker, before and after photos for each phase, a calendar and journal, and ability to share info through social networking (Facebook and Twitter).
Application is very easy to use and guides users for their food choices, and helps to keep track of their progress as they continue towards their weight loss goals.

  • Tracks diet through Phases 1 to 4
  • Provides Passcode lock facility
  • Facility to override start dates or change phase lengths(s)
  • Optional Daily Motivational Quotes
  • Daily Meal Planning
  • Track blood pressure and heart rate
  • Set Reminder Notifications
  • Able to add custom food items in each phase
  • Select dosage type and amount
  • Connect with Social Media through Facebook or Twitter
  • Share tracking data to healthcare provider via email
  • Automatic Steak Day management
  • Metric or Imperial weights and measurement
  • Journaling section where user can record their thoughts or specifics for each day

Technologies: (iOS)

xCode IDE
Apple iOS SDK
UI Kit, Event Kit, Store Kit

Technologies: (PHP)

Core PHP

Important Achievement:

Application is providing customized passcode lock system. Application is also having very good diet plan which can be easily customized based on individual’s need which is important aspect of this diet tracking tool. Application is having customized calendar having different kind of indicators managed for each day to represent multiple entities under each day/cell based on user’s logging for those entities. Application has also represented user’s logged information in line chart format using HTML/Javascript based charting tool for providing easy and customize chart creation.