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Primary requirement of this application is to build a chatting mechanism where application users can chat with each other in encoded format using emoji symbols instead of regular alphabets. Application users can send message using alphabets but it would be converted into preconfigured emoji symbols based on mapping set by application users. Application users can do one-to-one chat as well as group conversation. Application user can also purchase different preconfigured packs of different types of emojis for chatting with diff. users and each diff. emoji pack will enable separate keyboard for app user to use for different chat groups.

Technology / Technologies:

xCode IDE
Apple iOS SDK
UI Kit, Store Kit
Social Framework

Important Achievement:

Application is having custom mapping between Alphabets and Emojis (available from Apple) from provided Emoji packs which can be configured and create custom mapping support for each user so that they can create their own combination of mappings. Application is also managing pre-configured emoji packs provides facility to use only purchased packs access control in application under one-to-one to one-to-many chat groups.

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