Project Description

A guide smart phone application for patients with Multiple Sclerosis disease that is developed to make life easier for patients by guiding them through their disease treatment of copaxone.

Copaxone is a medical treatment where patients need to inject themselves daily on different parts of body. Some patients require guidance for remembering medication and body part where to inject – in order to create easier way for them without any complications from injecting the same area too often.

With the app,

  • Patients receive reminders + help for taking their medication and where to inject next.
  • The program also provides guidance for injection techniques so that the patient can safely inject themselves with confidence.

MS Guide is a smart phone application for Windows phone and windows 8 that has been developed for making life easier for patients who are taking treatment of Copaxone.

Technology / Technologies:

Windows Phone 7.5 and 8
Windows 8
Visual Studio 2012
Windows Phone SDK
Windows 8 SDK
Phone Toolkit
Expression Blend
XAML With C#