EPMS Thumb

ePMS is a HR & project management system. It helps company to manage client project through its module like Project, milestone, Task and Subtask where Milestone Leader assign task to employees and employee work on assigned task and log appropriate hours against each task also employee work related problems solved using ticket management module.

Patient Tracker Tool Thumb
Patient Tracker Tool

Patient Tracker is an iPad application which can manage Patients detail information and support some great features which required by any physician for practice.

Digital Contract Management Thumb
Digital Contract Management

Digital Contract Management App is an iPad application that allows a counselor to write customized preened contracts. It reduces errors while saving time for the funeral home.

Daily News Thumb
Daily News

While watching TV or during journey: with this application, you can have complete news around.

MS Guide

A guide smart phone application for patients with Multiple Sclerosis disease that is developed to make life easier for patients by guiding them through their disease treatment of copaxone.

Law Firm Process Automation Thumb
Law Firm Process Automation

Law Firm Process Automation is a web application to manage and automate the process of legal firm. It include User management, User Role management, permission assigned to a role and additional permission for the user, Company Location management, Legal entities, Area of Law, Document Management, Case Management, Document process, Attorneys etc.

Wiredzone nopCommerce Thumb
Wiredzone nopCommerce website with Everest ERP Integration

Design and development of e-commerce website using nopCommerce which is a free shopping cart open-source solution. The website sells high end customized computer servers and parts. Integration with Everest ERP.

Document Mailing Service Thumb
Document Mailing Service

Document Mailing Service is a fast and safe way to send documents and checks via snail mail from your mobile device. Application user can post their documents (PDF, word, images) bank cheque etc. in softcopy and deliver it with a hard copy for specified delivery date and recipients.

Sweet Survey Tool Thumb
Sweet Survey Tool

Generalize application for single or multiple company who can manage their common survey information on backend system to take valuable survey information from the end user.

Retail Showroom Order Management thumb
Retail Showroom Order Management

Retail Showroom Order Management is the Ultimate Tool to Simplify Management of Clients & Brands while Maximizing your Sales. Showroom organization tool centralizes and improves the way showroom manages its daily operation.

Tic Tac Go
Tic Tac Go

Tic-Tac-Go is the newest location based social media game. It will allow you to play class game tic-tac-toe. This game is the perfect combination of social networking and gaming.

Hotel Reservation Engine, Packages & Services Portal

This is a B2B application for Hotel reservation. It include Customer management, Vendor management, Services provided by vendors, Hotel Rooms management, services based on various standard search criteria for Hotels and services, third party integration like HBSI, Disney, Grand Canyon, Amex, Virtual CC etc.