Health Care

Patient Tracker Tool Thumb
Patient Tracker Tool

Patient Tracker is an iPad application which can manage Patients detail information and support some great features which required by any physician for practice.

MS Guide

A guide smart phone application for patients with Multiple Sclerosis disease that is developed to make life easier for patients by guiding them through their disease treatment of copaxone.

Oncological Support Tool

This application is developed for healthcare professionals which can help as a decision support tool. This app provides easy to use medical calculators (including body surface area, opiate equivalence converters and carboplatin dosage) and prognostic tools (including a lung cancer tool and a GIST tool) needed to manage patients at point of care.

Pet Management & Tracking System Thumb
Pet Management & Tracking System

The main purpose of the application is to provide the information about the pets to the user. The application provides the details of the user’s pets, pet’s reminder, and also about the Allergy, medication detail, health care information, vet information.

Mobile Sleep Disorder Assist Tool

Mobile Sleep Disorder Assist is a simple tool for people suffering from poor sleep. It is the sleep diagnosis and therapy application created by a sleep specialist, based on medical evidence.