Project Description

My Hotel Booking is a provider of online reservation for hotels, an online management solutions to independent and group hotels, secure and user friendly booking engine, also comprise different sub-modules to increase hoteliers bookings. The e-commerce web booking system integrates seamlessly into any existing web site allowing hoteliers to sell their inventory live and online in real-time.

The management application serves three purposes. It contains interfaces to set up and configure the hotel details. Allows for room types, offers, rate and inventory set up and administration. And includes a full featured integrated reservation and inventory management system.

  • Hotel Setup Facility for Hoteliers
  • Room type management
  • Meal plan
  • Extras for Additional Facilities
  • Special Availability Feature
  • Rate Periods
  • Rates & Availability Management
  • Booking Search
  • Booking Reports
  • Portal Setup Tool For Hoteliers
  • TripAdvisor API integration for meta search
  • Pay per click module


.NET Framework 4.0
Visual Studio 2012
Extensive use of ASP.Net
Entity Framework 4.0 & LINQ
Extensive use of Core Javascript & JQuery
Extensive use of VB& Stored Procedure especially for reports

Important Achievement:

  • Pay per click module
  • Channel rush integration plan
  • TripAdvisor API integration to display booking in meta search
  • The management application is web based and does not need to be installed or upgraded on a physical machine. This makes it highly scalable and extremely portable as it can be accessed anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the Internet and a browser.