Project Description

Tours and Travel Guids

Tours and Travel Guide is a website that manages the Reservations done by backend Access Form application. Creating the XML request/response based on OTA standard and sending it to HBSI it manages the inventory in its database and this is provided by HBSI following the Replication method. This site has a role based access with users as the Active Directory users of the server. This project also has Windows Services developed for backend processing of the Reservations in order to eliminate the manual process of sending the Reservations to HBSI. There is a Web Service on which HBSI continuously sends the inventory of the Hotels and this is inventory is then manages in the database locally.

  • Page to check the Availability of the Hotels
  • Page to send the Reservations created by the backend MS Access application to HBSI.
  • Page to track the XML Request/Response that is send/receive between Tours and Travel Guide and HBSI
  • Page to do mapping of Hotels with the codes provided by HBSI
  • Export feature to export the reservation into excel.
  • Error log tracking in order to check the whole process


.NET Framework 3.5
Visual Studio 2010
ASP.Net, Windows Service

Important Achievement:

Integration with HBSi. HBSi connects travel suppliers and distributors for instant transmission of availability, rates, inventory, and reservation confirmations.