About Road Peer

Roadpeer is a platform targeted for end users and drivers where drivers can update traffic update (in form of different status as heavy, moderate, low, very low). Drivers can also post special status updates like accidents, road blocked or police checkpoint and it will be displayed to other users with different icon/symbol for users to get clear idea about this kind of different traffic and special status on road. When driver wants to post traffic updates at that time, app will track driver’s GPS value through phone’s GPS service and driver can select status from list of provided statuses and it will be logged under backend system for specified location.

End users can access its website and selected their current location or they can also use this application and select their current location through device’s GPS location and their nearby traffic status updates will be displayed on map with different symbols. It also has backend control panel through which admin can add support for new cities and roads/highways for which drivers can update traffic status, after verifying their location on available cities based roads/highways location range.

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iOS Development

  • xCode IDE
  • Apple iOS SDK
  • UI Kit, Map Kit

PHP Development

  • Eclipse
  • Core PHP
  • MySQL

Important Achievement:

Application is using GEO fencing logic and GPS tracking service in order to verify driver’s GPS location and also plotting traffic updates on Map to provide real time traffic updates for end users. This system is simultaneously handling too many requests to get and/or post traffic status update on server and back end system is effectively handling request/response for real time traffic update system.

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Mr. Gabriel

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Ms. Patricia

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Ms. Julie

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Mr. Jay - USA

Mr. Jay

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