Project Description

Running Shapes

This is stand alone application means it does not have centralized database but require active data connection since there will be use of GPS in this app. The main purpose of this app is motivating all the sports enthusiasts in fun way. This app have ability to track distance and speed of using GPS. Major sports lovers can use it who loves speed and distance can use it eg. Car racer, moto racers, runners, cyclists, marathon lover etc because this app generates different shapes in difference size and colors based on the distance and speed user ran for. To be precise the more distance user go more shapes are generated and the faster they go the bigger sized shapes are generated. Also apart from tracking users locations and generating shapes there are other few functionalities which has been used to facilitate users in order to review their part stats.

Technologies: (iOS)

  • xCode IDE
  • Apple iOS SDK
  • UI Kit, Event Kit, Social Framework