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This application is a set of tools aimed to assist operators of oil terminals with the logistics of truck loading and unloading and to provide data analysis tools to evaluate the performance of the loading/unloading skids.
It is a cloud-based solution with a browser front end and in the mobile app.
Application users (Operators) can login through their credential and can have access of their company’s database in order to manage truck, schedule and view history and transactions for their assigned company.
Operators can also manage scheduled by selecting available trucks/drivers and manage status of those schedules through application. Operators can also keep track of loading/unloading process through 3rd party mechanism and can have update in this system in form of tickets which can provide option to operator to attach defined schedule with real loading/unloading process. Operators can also close tickets and schedules based on completion of loading/unloading process and can also do final auditing on schedule/ticket volume to confirm the final volume of load/unload process under company premises. Application also provides different ways to review history/analysis through chart representations for selected durations which can provide easy way to analyze and track logistics information for assigned company.

Technologies: (iOS)

xCode IDE
Apple iOS SDK
UI Kit, High Carts API

Important Achievement:

This logistics system is managing separate database of each company for truck, schedule and logistics transaction information to be stored in it, So synchronizing common data across each company database is main challenge for this system and system is managing replication mechanism in order to handle this part. Application is providing platform for all different company based operator users where they can login through application and manage their relevant source and destinations company’s truck loading/un-loading schedules and history details. This platform is also having web service API integrated with all company’s database and provides different company based data access to relevant company’s operator users through common iPhone application.

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