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About the Project

It’s a social networking application which allows people to sign up and “yell” anything they would like in textual, audio, image or video format. User posts yell which can be seen by their trackers and other users for their profile. It includes variety of functionalities like below.

Application will be available in iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry Platform. Along with that public facing website will be available as well so that user can connect from anywhere.

  • Yell in text, audio, image and video format
  • Track different people and see what they are doing social group
  • Same way other user can also track you
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Re-yell post of other followers
  • Like and Reply functionalities
  • Allow user to view threaded details by drilldown functionality
  • Allow user to customize various settings for push notifications

Technologies: (Android)

Eclipse, Android SDK
ProGuard Tool

Technologies: (iOS)

xCode IDE
Apple iOS SDK
Store Kit, UI Kit
Social Framework

Technologies: (Blackberry)

Eclipse IDE
Blackberry SDK

Technologies: (Windows Phone 8 & 8.1)

Visual Studio 2013 IDE
Windows Phone 8 SDK
Microsoft Phone Control Toolkit

Important Achievement:

Application having very strong backend architecture and advanced database structure where no database concept is followed and to support that graphDB is used for handling millions of requests from users along with sharing media content (image, audio and video) with each other though this platform.

Video streaming service is integrated in order to provide support of smooth video playing experience using Wowza streaming server

Application is a mixture of features from best social networking application and chatting applications available in market for now so it’s a fusion of both under single package and it’s also targeted for all top 4 mobile platform which includes iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry

Responsive website is also available for web based users in order to provide rich user experience to website users even if they are viewing it from different size and resolution based devices.

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