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    In order to do Tabata exercise effectively everybody needs a coach and Tabata Coach behaves as your personal trainer which helps you to perform all the Tabata exercises based on your exercise goal. Main features of this app, is to play music from library or iTunes store, Give Voice Alerts (Male and Female voice) after every 20 Seconds up to four minutes minimum.

    • User choose if he wants to play this for 4 minutes or 8,12,16,20…N
    • User choose music from library or iTunes store and play music (Music should be playing while application is running)
    • User press start Button (App will say 1-2-3 Go so use will start exercise) (This will be audio file provided by client)
    • When it’s about to finish 20 seconds app will say 3-2-1 Stop (This will be audio file provided by client)
    • It will keep going on either 4 minutes or 8 minutes based on user’s preference chosen in the beginning.

    Technologies: (iOS)

    xCode IDE
    Apple iOS SDK
    UI Kit

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