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    About the Project

    Mobile Sleep Disorder Assist is a simple tool for people suffering from poor sleep. It is the sleep diagnosis and therapy application created by a sleep specialist, based on medical evidence.

    • Questionnaire – Based on this app will decide the sleep disorder and suggest the sleep therapy
    • Main two therapies – Stimulus Control Therapy and Sleep Restriction Therapy
      Log daily sleeps along with wakeup activity
    • Based on sleep logged using sleep log meter the app will schedule notifications for logging sleep time with wakeup activities and wakeup time
    • Reports to show sleep data and sleep efficiency – custom tabular reports and graph reports for different time frames
    • FitBit tracking device integration and show FitBit data on graph
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    Technologies: (Android)

    Eclipse, Android SDK
    ADT Tools
    ProGuard Tool

    Technologies: (iOS)

    xCode IDE
    Apple iOS SDK
    MAP Kit, UI Kit
    FitBit API

    TTechnologies: (PHP)

    Core PHP

    Important Achievement:

    Application is having integration with FitBit API in order to allow users to import their data logged through FitBit Belt. Application has also provided notifications/reminders to medicine and sleeps based on intelligent business logics defined through application based on user’s input provided from past days sleep track and wakeup information etc. Application has also implemented digital version of Sleep Restriction Therapy based on the its algorithm so users can log their information requested by application and it will guide user through relevant process to manage the whole Sleep Restriction Therapy and its result etc.

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